12 tips to shine in a group discussion

Group Discussions, these days are integral to getting selected for a job or an educational course! We, therefore, bring to you 12 group discussion tips you must know to crack that jackpot that you have had your eyes on!

Before we move ahead, let’s understand, “What is a group discussion?”

Group discussion is about bringing together a select group of individuals, providing them with a topic, and watching them present their views on the said group discussion topics. It is a technique for a company or an educational institute to evaluate various skills of the candidate applying for the job or a certification course! If you have been dreading that upcoming Group Discussion, do not worry, we have you covered. Let us look at a few group discussion tips!

Dress Formal

Like Tom Ford said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Make sure you wear light colors and are neatly dressed for the group discussion. You may also stand out because of your simple and formal dressing. Being noticed is a massive advantage in a group discussion, one of the simplest group discussion tips you can use. 

Watch Your Body Language

Your body language plays an integral role in exhibiting your personality. One can understand a lot just by looking at someone’s body language. Now, this doesn’t mean you get conscious or awkward. You have to be aware of and present a positive body language. 

Enhance your listening skills

Understand the fact that listening is as essential as talking or for that matter and a little more important! One of the fundamental group discussion skills is to listen carefully to all your opponents’ points of view and understanding their side of the coin! 

Build your knowledge and awareness

When you are going for a group discussion, you can get a fair idea of the potential topics of the group discussion with a little research and development! Workaround these possible topics and build your knowledge and awareness. It will help you present valid and fair points at the table!

Be Confident

You can walk into a room with nothing but confidence, and you will still walk out a winner! Confidence is the key. Regardless of the point, you are presenting or its factual accuracy, your confidence will make an impression like no other, and you will be able to crack the group discussion. So, stay confident!

Be not afraid to begin

When it comes to group discussions, initiating can be tricky but if you do it right, it will work wonders! If you are confident and rightly aware of the topic, leap in and start the group discussion. This will not only enhance your score but will automatically put you on the map, because the person that began the group discussion is hard to miss!

Prepare ahead of time

Mock group discussions are a fantastic technique for being prepared. Call up your friends and family and throw a group discussion party. Pick random group discussion topics and discuss them. This will put your fears at ease. It will also develop your confidence and will help you improve on your weaknesses. 

Do not go personal

Many-a-time, candidates forget the fact that it is a formal discussion, and various people will have multiple takes on the topic. They get swayed in the emotions and lose control of their speech. This results in a negative impact on their score and their impression as well. Don’t be one of those candidates. Stick to your point but do not go personal!

Be logical

Logic tops the list of group discussion rules. Do not speak for the mere sake of being noticed. Make sure that whatever you say makes sense!

Be yourself

While at a group discussion, remember, pretention is easily noticeable and isn’t something one is looking for! Relax and be yourself. That will get you a lot of points!

Stay Calm

Staying calm will help you think clearly and act appropriately. Anxiety is only going to shoot up your levels of blood pressure and will result in a fumbled speech or sweaty foreheads, and that is not a good picture!

Make notes

Finally, make notes during the group discussion to be able to present your views in a systematic and organized manner and to be able to counter your opponents’ points with accuracy!

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