5 jobs that are recession free

Do you also see the recession coming? 

More often than not it so happens that the economy of the nation witnesses a significant rise or fall in its growth. Obviously, all the citizens of the nation are affected by the aforementioned rise or fall.

While a rise in the economy is termed as boom, the fall in the economy is termed as the recession.

As a result of the recession, almost all the industries are affected and the growth takes a significant hit. An employee or a corporate professional would want nothing more than job security at such a time of difficulty.

So here we are, bringing to you the top five jobs that are recession-free. 

1. Medical health

All economic, political, social and cultural factors remain constant when it comes to the medical health sector. No matter what the situation, individuals suffering from an illness will seek medical advice or medical care. If you as an individual are interested in science or medicine and are planning to take it up as a career path, you must know that not only is it a safe option but also a noble one. Being a part of the medical healthcare sector is honorable and respectable where you will be leaving a mark and making a difference. You are definitely making the right choice. Go for it! 

2. Educational sector

Again, regardless of the economic conditions of a nation, every parent or a mentor would seek education for their children. Education is one of the most important factors, especially during a recession. It is, in fact, a way out of it. Therefore, no matter what, the educational sector will never run out of business. If you are looking to be any part of the educational sector, for example, if you are passionate about teaching or imparting knowledge or making a difference, the cherry on the cake is your profession is not only noble but also safe. 

3. Public utility sector 

Recession means the difficulty in the social and economic conditions of the nation. However, nothing stops, nothing comes to a pause. This means that people will still go to the office, go to work, go for entertainment, drink water, use electricity, and live there lies the normal way just not as conveniently as before. Therefore, where is public utilities such as electricity, water, etc will still be utilized. Although it is also a fact that limitation or confinement of publicly available resources directs people towards saving and conserving these resources. For example, in order to save electricity or energy people will move towards the Green Revolution. This means that during the recession, the green industry will also witness growth.

4. Law-enforcement

Research shows that more crimes are committed at the time of depression or recession in an economy. This may be happening because people feel desperate and face various grave financial and economic problems. Their only way out through this seems to be “via illegal means”. This is a great opportunity for the lawyers, judges and various other members of the law-enforcement sector. Someone has rightly said, “recession is an opportunity disguised in wolf’s clothing”. So, if you belong to the law-enforcement sector or aspire to be a part of it, know that your job is safe and secure! 

5. Basic necessities sector 

Would you give up salt because of the recession? Would you give up oil because of the recession? Would you stop eating or drinking water or living in basic sustainable conditions because the economy is facing a recession? Ideally, the answer would be no! There comes in the sector of basic necessities. The sector remains unaffected by major changes in various conditions of an economy because people still have to live their lives. So, the basic necessities sector like stores, petrol bunks and pharmacies will not go out of business. Still rethinking that investment in a pharmacy? 

You may have observed that the very idea of job security at the time of recession functions on the principle that “the show must go on”! 

Regardless of the problems and the tough living conditions, people will still strive to survive and all the aforementioned sectors capitalize on this idea of human functioning. 

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Happy job-hunting! Happy job-security! 

All the best! 🙂

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