5 Ways to ensure women’s safety at work

It shouldn’t be hard just because you are a woman! 

Women’s empowerment is not a word without weight. It isn’t something you talk about over a cup of coffee and forget. Women being treated differently is not a myth and being a woman in a man’s world, is in fact, harder than it looks. 

While we do not deny that the professional world has seen progress in terms of women empowerment, it is also an unfortunate truth that we still have a long way to go to achieve gender equality! This is why we bring to you the top 5 ways to ensure women’s safety at work! 

1. Creation of awareness

Creating more and more awareness and building a culture that makes sure that all the employees are safe will help in the control and prevention of any potential dangers. Creating awareness will also help encourage the victims to come forward and to take a stand against such issues. It is imperative to have a culture that encourages women to speak. Be it a display of posters, conducting awareness sessions or merely circulating circulars around the organization at regular intervals regarding the women’s safety policy of the organization will be of much help. It will also be very helpful if any such communication takes place from the higher authorities and the management itself.

2. Human Resource Committee

 Forming a well established human resources committee or employing a well qualified human resource department in the organization would ensure the women that their voices will be heard. A human resource committee is established especially to take care of such grievances. A well-established human resource committee would also come across as a platform to address any issues anonymously. This may prove to be of much help to ensure women’s safety in the workplace.

3. Strict Policies (to protect the women’s rights) 

Even in today’s world, it is a must that the organizations have clear and extremely strict policies against any sort of harassment towards women. Women’s rights must be protected and any policy that aligns with this ideology must be clearly stated and must be made widely known to each and every interested party of the organization. It is of utmost importance for the organizations to build strong values and to showcase them as well. This is easily possible by publishing and sharing any cases to showcase their intolerance towards any sort of harassment. The whole idea is to help victims become comfortable speaking up and taking a stand.

4.Regular Assessment

 There are various types of measures an organization can take to ensure women’s safety in the workplace. One such step is the regular assessment of the work culture of the organization. The assessment could be as simple as circulating forms and asking the employees to fill them either with their names or anonymously. The forms may include various questions regarding the work culture and the quality of safety measures taken by the organization. Such assessments would obtain valuable data for analysis and further strategic planning. These assessments will have a great impact in improving the work culture in your organization.

5. Safety helpline!

In a man’s world, women are still striving for equality in the workplace. Gender equality includes protection from various possible harassment and also includes the right to work with dignity which is, in fact, a basic human right. It is therefore extremely important that women feel safe and comfortable in their workplace. Creating or establishing a safety helpline for women within the organization or ensuring the fact that in case of any sort of danger the necessary authorities are alerted immediately will help create a much better environment for the women to work. 
Women’s empowerment has become a critical issue and needs as much attention as it can get! Equality is not a choice or a privilege, it is a right and every person regardless of their gender, race, class or income status are entitled to it!

It is necessary to create a safe environment in the workplace for women from all over the world! It is your duty, as an organization to make sure that no one feels differently treated!

Not to mention the fact that if you are an organization that promotes women empowerment, you already have better chances of sustainability and growth in the long run!

Take up responsibility! Make your workplace safe for women and do the right thing!

All the best!

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