6 Groundwork Interview Prep Tips That You Need To Know

Having an interview lined up in a few days? Then you need to prep yourself up for the interview call that you received. There is an aura or a special confidence that one exudes when they are all prepped up for the interview. Being prepared for the interview is your go-to secret for cracking any interview irrespective of the industry that you are anticipating to join. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare and research before the interview:

1. Skills and Experience:

Knowing what the organization looks for in a candidate helps you to position yourself from the employer’s stance. As the adage goes, read between the lines, look for who they’re trying to reach out to while you read their job postings. Reading the content they present would be for a level, but seeing through and understanding what they didn’t post and working on it accordingly will help you better position yourself in alignment with the company’s values.

2. Key Players of the Organization:

The key players of an organization are those who hold managerial positions of responsibility. They include department heads, managers, directors, presidents, vice-presidents, chairman, chief executive officer, chief marketing officer, etc. You can get quick info about them when you skim through the about us/about section of their website. In addition to the website, it is good to run through the social media accounts of the organization be it their facebook page, twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Knowing their employee’s feedback online is also an added advantage.

3. Recent Events & News about the employer:

It is an excellent practice to research before the interview about all the recent events conducted by the organization and keeping a count on the news they created in the market. Many organizations have a web page dedicated to Press Releases. Checking out these pages or reading through these articles would be a smart thing to do as this is a great resource for you to stay updated about the concerned organizations’ latest events.

4. Organization’s Mission, Vision & Culture:

Being a job seeker, you need to be confident during your interview and be able to position yourself that you are the best fit for the respective position or role in the organization. Be keen to understand the employer’s vision, mission, and values as it speaks volumes about their company culture. Furthermore, you can also check their social media handles to know more.

5. Organization’s products, services & clients:

You need to know the work that you would be assigned or working once you are selected/hired as a potential employee. Knowing the type of clients the organization has, the types or services they offer or products they introduced in the market make you all the more prepared and boosts up your confidence levels like never before.  Also get an in-depth understanding by going through their white papers and case studies. This will help you get more insights about their accomplishments.

6. Interviewer Hunt:

Finding out who your interviewer is will give you an added advantage before attending your interview. This will increase your chances of connecting better with them and have a productive conversation. However, this might be a difficult task to know, however asking the one who schedules your interview politely might land you up with the name and their profile. Researching on social media with their names will help you understand their background and the mutual interests that you share.

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