7 Metrics to Measure if your career is heading in the right direction

Being a part of the corporate world could make a professional wonder if they are exactly where they are meant to be. 

Analysing your career flow and career growth will help you locate any gaps in your professional life. It will also help you formulate an effective strategy for your career growth. 

Measuring your career growth is also important for the better growth and expansion of your professional skills. A thorough analysis of your career would lead you into the areas with a significant scope of improvement. 

If you are a corporate professional who is inclined towards reaching sky high in your career, then this article is just the right thing for you. 

We bring to you the top 7 metrics to measure your career and to see if it is heading in the right direction. 

1.Employer Feedback

A very effective way to measure if your career is headed in the right direction is to gather the valuable feedback of your very employer. An employer is not just someone who transfers your salary into your account, an employer is a person who is your mentor, your confidant and your friend at work. Asking them if you are performing well and if there are any gaps in your work would not only exhibit your openness to learning but would also help you improve and ensure that your career is on the right track. 

2.Growth profile of your co-workers

To understand if your career is on the right track, you may compare your career profile with that of your co-workers. For instance, your colleague who stepped into the organization with you as a fresher is now a manager while you haven’t been promoted at all. This comparison would lead you to solid ground to analyse and interpret your past profile and thus ensuring if your career is on the right track. 

3.The response rate of your queries

Every employee is encouraged to present the organization with queries and concerns (if any). If your opinions are taken into consideration quicker than those of others or if you asked for a meeting with the manager and you are not made to wait, then such small details would help you analyse significantly if your career is headed in the right direction. 

4. Self-analysis

Are you happy to be where you are? Are you thinking of pursuing another field or another profession? Do you constantly find yourself on online portals exploring your options? If your answer is yes to any or all of the questions above, you may want to consider a change in your career profile. A thorough self-analysis would enable you to figure out if your career is headed in the right direction. 

5.Physical Health

Believe it or not but your physical health also plays a significant role in indicating if your career is headed in the right direction! If you are constantly lethargic or feel tired very often, then maybe you need to re-assess your career and your profession. 

6. Mental Health

Positive mental health helps corporate professionals in realising their full potential, work productively and to make a meaningful contribution to the corporate world and to their community! It is, therefore, extremely important to analyse the well being of your mental health in order to ensure that your career is headed in the right direction! 

7.Scope of growth 

Analysing the scope of your growth on an overall basis and seeing if you are capable of achieving the goals you have with your current professional position could prove to be an effective metric to measure the success rate of your career. Scope of growth could again be measured by the scope of promotion at your organization or the scope of exploring your options as a corporate professional. It could also be measured by assessing the career profiles of your seniors. 

So, there you have them! The top 7 measures to assess if your career is headed in the right direction. 

Being a corporate professional could be stressful and tiring but it is also extremely thrilling and adventurous. A disciplined life which helps you contribute significantly to the world will take you to skyrocket heights and will also enable you in growing not only as a professional but also as a human being! 

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All the best!


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