7 Pointers to Eliminate Discrimination while hiring candidates

An organization goes through a detailed step-by-step process to hire a candidate that fits the job role just right!  However, hiring a candidate for any reason other than their skillset will be considered discrimination! 

As an organization in a corporate world, you do not want to be known for discrimination. It will not just have a negative impact on your company profile but may also lead to you being shunt or outcast from the industry! 

This is exactly why we bring to you 7 Pointers to Eliminate Discrimination while hiring candidates! 

1. Establish a common ground for questioning

Make sure that you have prepared a standard set of questions before beginning the interview. These questions must be relevant and necessary for the job description of the interviewee. No question must be outside the purview of the job. 

Ranking all the candidates based on these questions will establish a sense of uniformity and will help you assess the candidates without any scope for bias. This will also make it easier to select the right candidate for the job because everyone is judged on the same parameters. 

2. Do not go personal

It is of extreme importance that you do not go personal with the interviewees. You have to stay professional. This will help you eliminate any scope for bias. 

The candidate’s gender, age, weight, family background, marital status or nationality are of no concern to the company what so ever. 

You can ask questions that concern the job. The challenges they may have faced during their previous job. Their expectations from your organization etc. 

Remember, DO NOT GO PERSONAL! This will help you avoid discrimination while hiring! 

3. Explore all resumes

When you are looking to fill a vacancy in your company, you announce that you are hiring and as a result, your desk is filled with resumes of a diverse set of candidates. You will have to sit down and explore each and every resume. You have a treasure filled with diversity, culture, and traditions. Scan through the entire stack, shortlist the ones you like best and then go ahead! Exploring all the resumes will not just help you eliminate discrimination while hiring but will also help with choosing the candidate that best fits the job description! 

4. Rooney Rule! 

Have you heard of the Rooney rule? If not, you’re going to learn something new today! 

Rooney rule was established primarily to eliminate discrimination towards ethnic minorities. This rule suggests that the league teams interview candidates with an ethnic minority background for the post of the head-coach or any senior football operations post! You as an organization can apply the same rule and help increase cultural and ethnic diversity in the company!

5. The blind CV policy

This is another popular policy adopted by various organizations to establish diversity in the employment sector. A blind CV policy requires the candidates to fill the CV form in a standard format. Each CV is allotted a unique number and no personal details are recorded. You can pick the best resumes and give a call to the candidates. All details will be shared at the time of the interview. This is an amazing technique and we personally recommend you to try it! 

6. Have a panel to interview the candidates

A single interviewer’s judgment is obviously less reliable than that of a panel’s!  While interviewing the candidate, a panel of diverse members of the organization can help eliminate discrimination while hiring! So why not? Call your best members and have them interview a candidate. 

This, however, is a time-taking process and may not be suitable for all organizations. 

7. Make sure your job description is neutral

This is of extreme importance. The first step to eliminate discrimination while hiring is to begin by issuing a neutral job description. Your job description should not include any details which are either personal or discriminatory in nature.

For example: Your job description may state “A salesperson is required” 

It should not state “A sales girl below the age of 30 is required” 

This not only exhibits discrimination but also implies a derogatory aspect of the organization. 

So, there you have it! The top 7 pointers! 

As a company, you may want to stay diverse and neutral in terms of the employees. It will help you grow and flourish and will also add cultural value to your company’s profile! Avoid discrimination while hiring. A candidate with the right profile deserves a seat at the table. Do not deprive them of their rights! 

Happy hiring! 🙂


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