7 Questions to reveal a candidate’s preference and motives

Every employer is unique. Every employee is unique! Find the one that fits the missing piece of the puzzle!

Every candidate in the corporate world is looking to get employed at a dream job. However, most candidates out there settle for a job that doesn’t fit their profile! Why, you ask? Well, because not all dreams align with the realities of life! 

As an employer, if you make the mistake of hiring an employee who is not really interested in the job, no matter how good they are, eventually, they will quit! This will increase the employee turnover rate of the organization and you will be back to square one. 

So, let’s not make the mistake of hiring an uninterested employee. How can you avoid this mistake, you ask? We’ve got an answer for that as well! 

We bring to you the top 7 questions to ask a candidate to reveal their preferences and motives! 

1. If you could work for any company, which one would you choose and why?

The majority of the organizations in the corporate world think that asking this question in an interview would be useless for every candidate is going to say, “Working here has been the dream of my life”. However, that is not why you are asking the question! There’s a trap! You ask the question to analyze the very answer and you also ask the question to analyze the reason! The answer may be your company’s name, but the reason that follows the answer will give you a peek into the candidate’s mental status, their preference and objectives! Then there’s another scenario where the candidate may not take the name of your company! Imagine how intriguing there reasoning would be! Have we convinced you yet to put this question on the list? 

2. This or that question(s) 

A “This or That” question has a lot of potential to give you an insight into the candidate’s personality! “Black or white?”, “Pizza or Burger”, “Formals or informal?”, “spectacles or no spectacles?”, “Shoes or sandals?”, “Working in an air-conditioned office space or out in the open air amidst the nature?” etc! These questions are huge indicators of one’s preferences, choices and as a result, their personality! Prepare a list of the questions you would like to ask and make sure you write down the preferable answers as well! This will help you shortlist the candidates! 

3. Do you check emails during vacation?

This again is a trap! Set it up! 

Asking a candidate if they check their emails during vacations will showcase their personality and preferences! If the answer is yes, it may show dedication, perseverance, and commitment. If the answer is no, it may show that the candidate loves being where they are! When at work, leave the home alone! When at home, leave the work alone! Either way, you will be able to assess their personality better and will have a clearer picture! 

4. What is your biggest weakness? 

This is a common question asked in all interviews! The main idea is to see if the candidate is aware of their weaknesses, if they have improved on them or are currently working on them and if that weakness can be a potential barrier in the future. 

5. Why did you choose the reference that you did?

Everyone has their reasons for doing or not doing something! Learning the reasoning, going the depth, concentrating on the details will help you understand an individual much better! If your candidate has chosen a reference for purely professional reasons, so be it! If your candidate has chosen a reference because of an emotional connect, so be it! The real question is, which reason fits your profile? 

6. Which part of the job description sounds challenging to you? 

This question will not only help you with their answer but will also help you see the way they look at things! You may think that working without an AC is the challenge but for them, working in a noisy environment could be the challenge! Understand their concerns and see if you can fix the problem! That is, of course, if you have your eyes on the candidate! 

7. Everyone exaggerates in their resume, what have you exaggerated on? 

Again, a trap! Set it up! 

Asking if the candidate has exaggerated in their resume will let you analyze the honesty or the outlook of the candidate! Keeping all other factors constant, every answer you receive for this question is going to be priceless! Do not skip this question! See what they have to say!

There you have it! The top 7 questions that will help you understand your potential candidate better and will help you assess their preferences! 

Remember, you must always look at the bigger picture! Always!


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