9 indicators of the fact that you have nailed your interview

The entire process of hiring in a corporate environment could get scary and make you anxious.

If you are seeking a job and have reached the interview round, it is natural to dread the result. One may be curious and eager to know if the interview went well and the uncertainty may drive you crazy! However, there are a few signs that clearly indicate that your interview has gone well. Just remember to prepare well for the interview and deliver your best. 

We bring to you the basic 9 indicators of the fact that you have nailed your interview! 

1. The vibe

As strange as it sounds, the vibe of a person is the biggest indicator of an unsuccessful or successful interview! If your interviewer exhibits traits of positivity, a smile, keen interest in what you are saying or just the overall vibe, in general, is affirmative in nature, then you can be sure of the fact that your interview is going well. A positive vibe also exhibits the fact that maybe they are already planning way ahead of you and have decided on which role you would be taking up as a part of their organization!

2. The body language 

A positive smile, palms facing upwards, an affirmative nod, eye contact, a firm handshake and a friendly pat! All these are indicators of a positive body language. When the interviewer sees you as a part of the organisation, you will know it. Unless of course, he is a poker player and good at keeping a straight face 😛 So when you are in the middle of an interview, look out for signs of a positive body language! 

3. The interview becomes casual 

Usually, when an interviewer is genuinely interested in the candidate, the interview turns out very casual because the interviewer assessed you, analyzed your profile and likes you. They don’t have to put up a filter anymore. They have decided in their mind that they want you to be a part of the organization and are already imagining having you on board. They start talking about your family or friends because now they are genuinely interested in getting to know you better in hopes that you will become a part of the organization.

 4. You get a tour

THE TOUR! This is a very big indicator of your successful interview! You can be very certain that you have the job if you get a tour of the organization! A tour is usually the next step. The tables have turned and the roles are reversed. The interviewer has viewed your profile, liked you and now is trying to convince you to be a part of the team. The interviewer is now selling the company to you! If you get a tour, dear friend, you are nailing your interview! 

5. You get called for the another round

This can be a little tricky because one might say that getting called for another round exhibits uncertainty! Well, not really! It shows that the organization is taking extra effort to have you be a part of the team. They are going the extra mile to be sure; It is only natural, and you have nothing to worry about! 

6. A follow-up is truly promised

Many interviewers conclude an interview with the statement, “We shall follow up”.  It may seem demotivating! However, if you are genuinely promised a follow-up and are told the concerns they will have to address till they make a follow-up call, you are on the right track! Do not worry; the job is just a follow-up away! 

7. Perks

An interviewer would not talk about the perks, allowances, and raises to a candidate they are not interested in. If you are being told about the perks of the company, you can be sure that the interviewer is now trying to sell the company to you which means you are in! 

8. Long interviews

A long and detailed interview is also an indicator of the fact that it is a successful interview. The longer the time taken, the better it is for the candidate. It exhibits a sense of genuine interest and a positive attitude towards having the candidate on board!

 9. When salary expectation is discussed

When you are asked about your salary expectations, you can be sure that they are considering you and wish to arrive at a consensus regarding the financial and other aspects of the job! 

There you have it! 9 indicators of the fact that you have nailed your interview

Happy interviewing! 🙂 


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