5 administrative assistant skills that add the most value

Administrative skill primarily lies in one’s ability to balance between what you can control and what you should control! The field of administration involves the handling of a variety of issues in a business concern. An administrative assistant can add value and continuously work towards lending his or her expertise in the domain.

If you are looking to get hired as an administrative assistant to begin your career in the field of management, we bring to you the “Five Administrative Assistant Skills that Add the Most Value” to your resume or profile as a candidate for the job!

Before we begin, let us take a brief tour into a typical day in the life of an administrative assistant. 

From bringing people coffee to handling a financial breakdown in a company, an administrative assistant is, in literal terms, expected to be a know-it-all and rightly so! The job runs on a fuel which is a combination of flexibility, versatility, and passion! There is no such thing as “out-of-the-job-purview” when it comes to being an administrative assistant. So, no! The job is not confined to answering people with a smile on your face or taking calls and making appointments or keeping a journal. It comes with a varied and complex set of responsibilities which you will have to handle all by yourself because very rare are the occasions when an assistant gets an assistant 😉 

Companies, therefore, look for the following five must-have characteristics while hiring someone for the job!

  • Communication skills

One of the core general administrative skills of an administrative assistant is practical communication skills. Communication skills can enhance the efficiency of the company and will also put forward the best foot in the very beginning! Administration skills and qualities can prove to be extremely helpful in a growing career graph. Proper grammar, good vocabulary, and voice modulation while speaking are the critical factors of practical communication skills. If you are looking to be an administrative assistant, you should consider developing your communication skills. 

  • Confidence

Self-confidence is the best outfit you can wear to work! With confidence, you spread positivity in the work environment. You are more approachable by the people around you, and they find you more trustworthy and reliable. In your job interview, you also come across as a better fit for the job. It displays your readiness to take up new challenges and your belief in your work and yourself. It always makes you stand out from the crowd and helps you become a better person as well.

  • Technological skills

Technology has crawled its way into almost all industries. It hasn’t just become more useful but is one of the most critical sectors on which all other areas depend. The administration industry is therefore not new to technology, which is why being technology-friendly can help provide you with an edge. It increases the importance of an administrative assistant. Technological skills not only show your versatility as an administrative assistant but also exhibit a will to learn and adapt! 

  • Time-Management 

Being an administrative assistant can demand the skills of multi-tasking and the optimal utilization of limited resources. This means that time-management is the most important of one’s administrative skills and abilities! Time-management is the science of utilizing a limited amount of time to yield the best results possible. However, the good news is, it is not a skill one is born with, it can be learned and developed over some time. Also, not just as an administrative assistant, but also in your personal life, the skill of time-management can work like a charm! 

  • Crisis-Management

One of the most common challenges you may face as an administrative assistant is the regular occurrence of crises. The degree of these crises may vary, but it is bound to occur. Remaining calm under pressure and being able to handle the chaos is something every company would look for in a candidate for the job! Crisis-Management is, therefore, one of the most critical general administrative qualities required for the job!  So, there you have it! Various administrative skills and qualities, tips, and tricks that will help you reach much further into your professional career. These skills will not only hone your personality but will also help with long term sustainability in the corporate world! You will be a respected and credited professional in the field and will be known for being the best administrative assistant out there!

Keep going and do not lose focus. Remember that it is all a part of your journey and you are only growing and adding value while overcoming every hurdle you cross! Happy assisting 🙂 

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