5 Best ways to deal with a novice interviewer

Interviews can be scary and can shoot up your blood pressure levels, but, they do not have to be so. You must understand that interacting with a novice interviewer can work in your favor if you deal with it intelligently. Here are five best ways to deal with a novice interviewer.

Let’s begin!
1. Remain calm and confident.

Remaining calm and increased levels of confidence can enhance your optimism and therefore help you in making a better impression on the interviewer! It not only enables you to perform better but also portrays the qualities of an effective leader. A calm persona is also a depiction of inner strength and mental well-being. Also, remember, being anxious or nervous is not going to help you in any way, and you have got a lot to lose that way! “How to face an interview confidently?” you ask? Well, the first tip is to remain confident. Confidence is in knowing yourself and not in looking at someone in a lesser position than yours. It is necessary to understand the difference between confidence and over-confidence!

2. Speak your mind.

Do not hesitate to say what’s on your mind. If you wish to enquire about the responsibilities of your upcoming role in the company, any challenges you may face or any other query for that matter, speak it out. Communication is crucial to performing well in your job interview. This will send the signal that you are not a push-over. You are only human and are bound to have opinions and concerns. Communicating about anything that’s going on in your mind will not only clear things up for you but will also show the interviewer your oratory and out-spoken skills which are very much a boon in the selection process of a candidate! They will exhibit a sharp mind and enhance your chances of cracking the job interview!

3. Ace the art of negotiating. 

Negotiating can be a tricky affair! You obviously want to get your worth, but you do not want to overdo yourself and put forward an impression of being “greedy” or “lack the skills of evaluation.” Therefore, before you go for a job interview, make sure you have done your homework! Do the necessary research and development before you start talking numbers with your interviewer!

4. Do not repeat what’s already on your resume.

Repetition of the data on your resume can be very disappointing, even for a novice interviewer. It shows the lack of preparation and the lack of various other skills. There are a few obvious questions that may be asked in your job interview. One fundamental question usually asked by an interviewer is, “Tell me about yourself?” Now, this question has a million potential answers, but, “My name is XYZ” is not one of them. This is an essential aspect that your interviewer, regardless of being novice or experienced, should have noticed when you hand over your resume.

When this question is asked in an interview, they expect you to present a productive and innovative answer. Tell them something that is not on your resume. Something not too personal and not too formal. Tell them about a challenge you might have faced at work and how you handled it. Keep it lowkey but effective!

5. Make sure to conclude well.

The conclusion again plays an important role. Make “your last impression a lasting one.” Make sure you shake hands, give a smile, maintain your posture and body language, and thank the interviewer. You can very naturally even compliment the interviewer for having conducted the interview well. A novice interviewer would appreciate this compliment even more, and you are already in their good books with a simple phrase – “you were a great interviewer. I loved doing this interview with you”. 

You must understand that in a novice interview, you aren’t the only nervous one. The interviewer may also be under the pressure of performing well from their end! Putting their minds at ease and helping them conduct a better interview will exhibit your talent and skills in handling a sensitive situation or a situation of crisis!

Also, confident speech, right body language, and a decent dressing would help with your job interview! 

Bottom line being, be yourself, stays confident, and smile through it all!  All the best for your job interview. We’re sure you will nail it!

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