Simple body language tips for your next job interview

Your body communicates as well as your mouth does. Do not contradict yourself!

-Allen Ruddock

1. Walk 

If you have been wondering about the importance of body language in a job interview, here are the answers. Body language gives away a lot about your personality in a job interview. There are no doubts about that. Here are some simple body language tips you can use for your next job interview- 

How to enter an interview room? Well, your walk is the first thing noticed about you in a job interview. You walk-in with confidence, a smile, and a good posture, you’re already halfway through. Make sure to walk-in with confidence that you own the room. Do not carry too many belongings for it will appear messy and may result in you struggling to settle in front of the interviewer. Carry the least possible items and walk-in with confidence.

2. Handshake

Handshake is another integral metric in measuring various qualities and personality traits. A firm handshake with a smile exhibits the qualities of an effective leader and a confident adult who can take care of themselves. Your firm handshake has already impressed the interviewer, and they are ready to learn what else you bring to the table! 

3. Seating

The way you sit is noticed. Stay calm and seat yourself comfortably on the back of the chair. If the chair has armrests, you may use them and a relaxed, yet straight body posture will emit positive energy and can work very well in your favor! Your seating is the key to the interviewer assessing your levels of self-confidence, which is a basic essential in the selection process of candidates. 

4. Eye contact

Eye contact can be tricky at times. Too much eye contact shows a lack of faith in the interviewer and may exhibit traits such as trust issues and lack of confidence. On the other hand, minimal eye contact would be a trait of a liar or a person who isn’t very trusting! Striking a balance and making eye-contact for not more than 5-7 seconds can be extremely helpful for your job interview!

5. Smile

 Smiling creates a pleasant and comfortable environment! However, smiling too much can exhibit traits of pretense and lack of basic understanding of a situation! Whatever your face exhibits should commensurate with the topic of conversation! Most importantly good smile always gives the interviewer an insight into all the best traits of your personality.

6. Hand movements.

Hand movements are significant in any job interview. Therefore make sure to place your hands comfortably on your lap or the table. A simple leaning over with your hands being placed conveniently would also show that you are being attentive and are genuinely interested in the conversation. Furthermore, positive hand movements as you speak shows confidence and optimism.

7. Quirky gestures you might not be aware of.

Almost everyone possesses a few gestures like licking lips or biting nails unconsciously. These will exhibit anxiety or lack of self-control and is not something an interviewer is looking for in a potential candidate for the job! It does not say, “confident body language for an interview.” 

8. Face touching.

Firstly face touching is another gesture that is frowned upon! Secondly, It shows a lack of interest or a sense of boredom and isn’t something that would exhibit leadership or team-working skills! 

9. Palms

Research says that showing palms or keeping them upwards emits positive energy and shows a sense of optimism! The limbic brain picks up very soon on positivity and as a result, this makes the people around you extremely comfortable and isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

10. Feet

Placing your feet entirely on the floor shows fearlessness and a relaxed persona! It will help you remain calm and confident and will enhance your score in the books of the interviewer! So keep those feet on the ground and your head up high!

11. Nodding 

Nodding, while you listen shows your interest in what the person is saying and exhibits your positive and productive listening skills. It shows your attentiveness and lets them know that you are genuinely enjoying their company! 

So finally, there you have it! A few interview body language tips can help you build a confident body language and can enhance your chances of getting into your dream company. 

Above all most importantly, remember to stay calm, confident, and smile through it all. Interviews do not have to be stressful on the contrary they can be important lessons for life.


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