Cover Letter Tips for freshers

Getting hired at your dream job may sound challenging. What could be more challenging is getting hired at your dream job without any experience. As a fresher without any real-time experience of the corporate world, it can get a little demoralizing when you have applied for dozens of jobs with no luck whatsoever! 

You may feel like giving up on your job search but don’t do it just yet! Research shows that 90% of your job searches are resulting in failure because of an unimpressive cover letter. 

Your cover letter is your first introduction to the employer. You have to make your cover letter unique and impressive to land that job interview! 

We, therefore bring to you the tips for designing the perfect cover letter! 

1. Start strong 

The attention span of the reader is hardly 10 seconds when they are reading your cover letter. You can be direct and express your excitement or if someone has referred you to the position you may include that information right away at the very beginning of your cover letter. A strong start would encourage the hiring manager to read your entire cover letter and will land your resume in the interview pile right away. A strong start is also known to exhibit confidence and authenticity. These are the two traits every organization in the corporate world is looking for in a potential candidate. 

2. Do not repeat 

Your cover letter should not be just another version of your resume! The cover letter is more authentic and outstanding when it speaks about what you will be bringing to the company, your unique selling point, your best skills. You may even want to consider highlighting your background or your journey but do not repeat what’s already on your resume! Repetition is not only disappointing but also unnecessary. It will exhibit a lack of enthusiasm or willingness to get hired at the job! 

3. Keep it brief 

Sometimes, employers may include specific requirements for designing a cover letter. Make sure you include all the needed information and still keep your cover letter length to a maximum of one page! 3-4 short paragraphs with strong openings and attention-grabbing conclusions. Brevity is truly the soul of a precise and effective cover letter. 

4. Keep it simple 

The employer will judge your vocabulary and various other traits in the interview. When it comes to the cover letter, keep it as basic and simple as you can. Convey important information in a natural and positive fashion. Keep it simple! 

5. Consider writing an incident from the past

While writing a cover letter, you may want to write a small incident from the past that would highlight your skills as a professional candidate! Any official experience where you may have managed a crisis effectively or may have been a good leader, you have got to include it in your cover letter! It will come across as interesting, intriguing and will add to your value! 

6. Stay positive throughout 

You do not want to come across as an opinionated or as a judgemental person in your cover letter! Nor do you want to come across as negative. Staying positive throughout will help your cover letter emit a good vibe. Your employer would instantly place your resume in the interview pile! So, no matter what, remain positive throughout. 

7. Conclude with a call to action 

You have shown all your cards and are now ready for getting that interview call. However, it will be always very helpful to conclude your cover letter with a call to action. It psychologically registers in the mind of the hiring manager that they owe you a call not just because it is the professional thing to do so but also because you may be expecting one. Concluding with a call to action will also help the cover letter finish with finesse and professionalism.

So, there you have it! The top 7 tips to design the perfect cover letter for your resume. 

If you are still dreading your job interview, know that you’re not alone in this. There are many candidates like you who are anxious and stressed. you can always reach out to your fellow freshers and seek the necessary help. The corporate world can be hard on you at times, but it will always help you grow through the process. Remember, you have to stay confident and have faith in yourself. 

Welcome to the corporate world, you are going to love being a part of it. 

All the best!


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