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Digital Marketing Jobs That Demands You To Work On Social Media Handles

Did you ever come across those limitations of not able to access your social media handles at the workplace? Imagine if you don’t have to hide your screen when your manager walks through your desk. What if you’re pointed inefficient for not been active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Interestingly, the transformation from print media to digital media has created such job opportunities, where businesses have to work on social media handles to promote your brand.

Here are the 5 top digital marketing jobs where you’ve to work on social media handles.

Digital marketing manager –

Like a marketing manager who manages various promotional events and campaigns to advertise and market the product, digital marketing managers play the same role, but digitally. The digital marketing manager conducts online campaigns and promotional events to create brand hype and awareness of the product. Many businesses also provide customer service via their digital platforms and give the understanding that they should be online to attend the queries during business hours.

Content writer –

The content writer or copywriter is involved with curating catchy content for social media postings, campaigns, etc. For that reason, the content writer should be aware of different groups/ pages on the social media handles and the kind of messages trending in them. This helps the content writer in learning more about the market for the product/ service.

Public relations specialist –

Public relations specialist is responsible for creating brand awareness and letting everyone know the usefulness of the product/ service. The main objective of public relations specialists is to develop interaction with prospective customers and attend their queries. The specialist also passes the prospective leads to the sales team so that they can be moved towards closure.

Market research analyst –

Market research analyst studies market conditions to evaluate the market, and other factors affecting the product or service. The role of the market research analyst is to make an intense study of the market conditions and performance of the competitors. By understanding the competitor’s behavior, the analyst gives the inputs on a complete marketing strategy. The analyst plays a major role in defining and laying down the policies.

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