Do’s and Don’ts of a job search

An average individual spends about 60% of their conscious time on the job or in their profession. It is, therefore, necessary that one chooses a job of their preference and are happy with what they do. 

When it comes to job seeking in the corporate world, it is no news that it pays to concentrate on what you can and cannot control.  You cannot sit in your living room waiting for an opportunity to knock at your door, what you do is build a door.

To maximize your chances of getting offered your dream job, you have to put your best foot forward. We, therefore, bring to you a few job search tips to make your job search a lot more effective and efficient.

The top 9 do‘s and don’ts of a job search are stated below. Keep reading.

1. Do your research

The foundation of an effective job search is the correct research. Once you have done your research right, you will be able to understand the market in a much better manner. This means that you will be able to create or plan a much more effective strategy that will help you land the perfect job. 

2. Don’t rush 

Great things take time. Various online platforms like have made the hiring process much more effective and easier in the corporate world. However, it is necessary to understand that it will still take time and you will have to have patience and diligence in order to be able to get hired at your dream job. Do not accept the first offer letter you get. Explore your options, understand the job role and analyze if it truly attracts you. 

3. Do customize your resume

Customizing your resume is job search 101. When you customize your resume to each job description or to every organization that you’re applying for, you will be able to connect better with your reader who is also your potential employer. Customizing your resume will also help you land your resume in the interview pile and not get thrown into the bin. 

4. Don’t forget the cover letter

A common mistake that many candidates make is they take the cover letter for granted. They usually download a format from the internet and fill in the blanks with their personal information. This is not only off-putting for the interviewer but will also out rule the possibility that you are unique and can bring to the table what others can’t. It reduces your chances by half! So make your cover letter effective and unique!

5. Do aim for a good first impression

Just like they say, the first impression is the best impression. When looking for a job, make sure that you aim for a good first impression. This will not only help you prepare well for the interview but will also build your job search from a strong foundation! 

6. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

While looking for a job and making calls to various organizations, do not for even a second hesitate to ask any question that may be bothering you. Asking questions will help you and the organization arrive at a consensus! So, ask away!

7. Do make it a point to highlight your strengths

Why not flaunt them when you have got them? Every recruiter in today’s world is looking for a confident candidate who is aware of their strengths and weaknesses. So, make it a point to highlight your strengths! 

8. Don’t quit your current job for now

Don’t quit your current job for now

Don’t quit your current job just yet. Many things can go wrong between the time of receiving an offer letter to your first day at the office! Even if it is a sure shot, remember to analyze all the available data appropriately and then quit your current job! 

9. Do take advantage of your network

Whether you are a fresher or a candidate with experience, you are bound to have a network in the corporate world, even if you are not aware of it yet! That 7th cousin of yours who once mentioned working in your dream organization? Call them up! Take advantage of your network! It is important for sustainability and growth in the corporate world and if you feel like you will be obligated, just make sure you communicate that you understand the concept of “no free lunches” and that you will owe them one! 

So, there you have it the top 9 do’s and don’ts of a job search! 

We do understand that it is all not as easy as it seems. However, consistency, diligence and your faith in yourself will help you reach sky heights in no time at all.

Keep going. Don’t stop.

All the best!

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