Do’s and Dont’s of Hiring

 The interview is the place where you get to understand and know if the candidate who has applied for the job actually has the potential to improve your organization. It also helps you in shortlisting the candidates which real steel and will help you eliminate the ones without the game.

Hiring managers who have been in the field for a long time will be able to do this in no more than a few minutes. 

However, there are certain do send don’ts one needs to follow while interviewing a candidate or while hiring. 

Here’s a list! 

1. Do have a strategy 

Planning helps save time and puts things into a system. Planning and organization also help reduce uncertainties and risks and helps you analyze any foreseeable challenges that may occur during the process of hiring. So, before you walk into that interview room as an interviewer, remember to have a strategy. A well thought out and effective plan that will help you assess the candidates on common ground and without bias.

2. Don’t go personal 

This is a professional interview in a corporate environment and not a social one. Do not go personal, no matter what. Going personal with anyone may hurt the feelings of an individual and will come across as unprofessional and derogatory in nature. This will affect the goodwill of your organization and will further affect sustainability and growth. So, remember, DO NOT GO PERSONAL! 

3. Do get the candidate comfortable 

The best way to screen or analyze a candidate is to get them comfortable with talking to you in the first place. Once the candidate is comfortable enough, you can start asking the questions that you have prepared in the planning stage. Research says that a candidate who is comfortable and feels at ease in an interview is more likely to be honest. 

4. Don’t believe everything

It is sad, yes, that it has become a culture that many employees of potential candidates in the corporate world have become used to this honesty. In fact, the entire corporate world, in general, is comfortable with a little dishonesty here in there. However, this needs a change.

having said that, you can’t obviously change it overnight! So while it still exists, remember that the safe bet is to not believe everything the candidate has presented to you! It will not only give you space to choose other candidates but will also reduce potential risks! Conservatism is indeed, a beautiful concept! 

5. Do be futuristic 

Discussing with the candidate about the future will help you understand the candidate better than dwelling in the past. Asking them about their goals for the next five years will be more effective than asking them about their past challengers or job experiences. We are not completely ruling out questions related to the past, we are just saying that talk more about the future. See the bigger picture. 

6. Don’t get too hypothetical 

 Yes, hypothetical questions to help in analyzing the personality of the candidate. However, getting too hypothetical may not leave enough time for real-life questions. You want to be more realistic and would like to analyze a candidate on the floor than in imaginary situations. 

7. Do invite them to ask questions 

This question is where the rubber meets the road! 

Inviting a candidate to ask questions can help you analyze their perspective, their way of looking at things! You will be able to analyze if the candidate fits the missing piece of the puzzle! An intriguing question which you were not prepared for will also help you find gaps in your planning and strategy. Also, it is the polite thing to do. So go ahead, invite queries and questions and be prepared to answer them. 

8. Don’t rush 

It is of extreme importance that you do not rush things. We repeat, do not rush into decisions. The candidate may seem perfect for the profile but unless and until you have interviewed all candidates, screened them, done your research and have analyzed the available data thoroughly, do not rush into decisions. Do not promise any candidate for the job. While it is not illegal or wrong to do so, it is also not the right thing to do. Give it the time it needs and you will have the right candidate. 

There you have it! The top 8 Do’s and Don’ts of the hiring process. 

Once you have decided whom you’re going to hire, wait no longer. Pick that phone and make the call.

Happy hiring. 🙂

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