Do’s & dont’s of employee referrals that you need to know

Getting in through an employee referral? Keep reading! 

Employee referrals are a great technique of hiring which is now being widely used in the corporate world! In an employee referral, an existing employee of the organization recommends or refers to a person from their circle of connections. This way, the cost of hiring reduces by a significant rate and the process is faster as well! 

Corporate Organisations are always on the lookout for cream talent! The best way to search for this talent is through the talent that has already been searched for and hired! This way the organizations don’t just save valuable time but also resources. 

If you as a corporate employee are thinking of recommending or referring any connection, acquaintance or friend of yours to become a part of your organization, there are some specifics you may want to consider before making up your mind. It may seem like a risk-free situation, however, it isn’t! 

We bring to you the Do’s and Don’ts of employee referrals!

1. Do consider the candidate

Yes, it is a good thing that you want to help people and yourself at the same time. Employee referral rewards or not as rewarding as they sound if the candidate you have referred or recommended is not the right candidate. You have to realize that your reputation is at stake as well. So make sure you choose the right candidate. Screen the candidate, if need be and then move forward! 

2. Don’t get too involved

It is extremely important that you draw a foundry and do not get too involved in the process of the organization hiring your candidate. Maybe you are referring a candidate for the employee referral rewards alone and it is only natural to try and get the candidate hired, but you have to understand that there is too much at risk here. Stay calm, keep your distance. If the candidate likes the organization and vice versa, the candidate will get hired. Let things take their course. 

3. Do the research

As an employee, you may be already aware of the kind of candidates that the organization is looking for. However, it is still of utmost importance that you do the research into the job description, the draw profile, the pay package being offered et cetera. This will help you with the initial assessment of the eligibility of your candidate. The research will also help you look for the candidates in your circle that fit the job profile in the first place. So, don’t forget to do your research and keep going. 

4. Don’t move forward without a disclaimer

Planning to move forward without a disclaimer? A big red flag. Disclaim it to the candidate that no matter what happens with their job interview your relation with them will and must remain intact. . referring their name to the organization is as far as you are willing to go. This will secure and safeguard your connections. It is also important that you disclaim your organization that your position in the company in any aspect should not take a hit whether your candidate is hired or not. This will protect and safeguard your job in the organization. 

5. Do help your referral

There is nothing wrong with providing a little bit of knowledge training to your candidate. When you refer a candidate, make sure that they are not left out to dry. Your experience in the company can prove to be advantageous to the candidate. Talk to them, fix a time and try to interview them on behalf of the company. This will help them get ready for the interview and you will be strengthening your connections.

6. Don’t lose integrity 

Yes, you can help your candidate prepare for the interview. No, you cannot hand to them privileged information or the questionnaire of the interview itself so they can crack it. Do not lose your integrity.  You do not want to be marked as a dishonest professional or as someone who cheats. It is not just a bad career move but also a bad move for your life and future. So, stay honest and stay fair. 

So, there you have it the top 6 dos and don’ts of employee referrals in a corporate world.  

Are you still dreading getting caught up in the middle of the employee referral hiring chaos? Well, do not worry! It’s only natural to feel this way. You have to also look at the positive side that both the candidate as well as your organization know you and are aware of your personality. It is going to be just fine! 

Take a deep breath and do it!

All the best! 🙂


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