How to be more productive at work: Avoid these 7 things

Did you know? An average human spends more than 30% of their lives working.

We may love our jobs but, it is only human to feel monotonous or gloomy now and then! However, this monotony shouldn’t come in the way of the growth prospects of your career as well as productivity in the existing job! We, therefore, bring you the answer to the question “How to be more productive at work” and the “7 things you can avoid” to be more productive!

Avoid over-thinking

Overthinking is the act of thinking unnecessarily and reading too much into a single incident or situation. This stresses your emotional and physical state of mind and lowers your level of productivity. Not just that, it may also have grave negative impacts on the emotional health of an individual which may lead to problems like clinical depression and other mental health issues! So, try and avoid overthinking and focus on your work!

Avoid unnecessary over-time 

Over-time is an option which an employee may avail or is asked to avail for meeting deadlines. Killing available time during working hours and then availing overtime may get you a little more money but will not increase your productivity levels and your growth graph is going to take a huge hit as well. So, work over-time only when it is necessary!

Avoid trying to be a perfectionist.

Perfection is a myth. It is like a horizon. Seems achievable, but the further you go, the further it does too. So, please do not strive or over-work yourself to achieve a level of perfection. Aim for progress. Keep moving forward to be better than you are. That will help you in improving productivity at work. 

Avoid over-commitment

Yes, it can be a bother at times to say “no” or to avoid committing to something you may not be able to finish. To remain in the boss’ good books, we have all been through that phase of over-commitment. However, work productivity takes a huge hit when over-commitments are made. They exhibit unprofessionalism and lack of various necessary skills like time-management and crisis-management. You have to understand and know your capabilities and must make commitments accordingly. This is one of the best ways to be productive at work!

Avoid cluttering

Organizational skills can help with your work productivity in ways beyond your imagination. An organized desk enables you to keep track of all your work, segregates your tasks into various categories, and allows you to save time. Organizational skills will also help you in utilizing valuable resources in an optimal fashion. This will ultimately result in long-term goodwill and growth! So, if you are a messy person, which most of us can get, try avoiding cluttering at work. Improving productivity in the workplace can enhance your career-graph which is the ultimate goal!

Avoid being late

No, it is not just to maintain discipline. Studies have proven that the employees who arrive late or for that matter, even just in time have relatively reduced levels of efficiency. Their minds are preoccupied, and the body has already released stress hormones. An employee who comes only 5 minutes late takes 30minutes more than the average time to settle, calm down, and begin work. With reduced levels of productivity at the workplace, your morale will be affected too. So, try to be at least 15 minutes before time. Stay punctual, stay productive!

Avoid involvement in office politics

Office politics is a legit thing. We do understand that. And it is only natural to get involved in these involuntarily. However, with a little attention and detail-orientation, one can easily avoid office politics. They do not just result in reduced levels of productivity, but also affect the human mind. One may lose themselves in the process, and we all know that it is not worth it! So, avoid office politics, socialize with everyone, mind your own business, and stay positive!

Becoming more productive at work may help you stand out in the crowd. This will further help you grow as an individual and as an employee which will ultimately result in you doing what you love and isn’t that what we all want? So, there you have it! Seven simple things you can avoid and prove yourself as an above-average productive employee.  Know that every challenge that comes your way helps you become the person you are supposed to be! So, welcome them with open arms and a wide smile. Stay happy, stay productive! 🙂 

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