How can employers improve the interview process for effective recruitment?

The process of recruitment needs to be done right necessarily because it is this, which is the very first step in building an efficient and resourceful team. An improved interview process translates to better and skilled hires for the required job. It is but an undisputed fact that candidates who through a structured and rigorous interview process understand that the company prioritizes finding resources which are both the right match for the job and the culture of the company.

This said, it is also essential that candidates feel positive and motivated after an interview because one or the other this builds the reputation of the organization and offers marketing potential of the brand. Particularly in the start-up environment where establishing a reputation and find a firm footing in the market is critical – getting candidate experience right plays an important role.

It is, therefore, imperative that the interview process evolves and improves to get priorities right.

Here are a few tips-

  • Pre-interview phase-

Ensure that the conversation takes off on a friendly and polite note for there is a good chance that the person being interviewed is hired as part of the team. One cannot disagree on the impact made by the first impressions, that influence the psyche of the resource sitting before you in the interview. In a competitive job market where there are more demand and less supply, you may want not want intimidations. Do not forget to use the right body language here, extend a warm welcome, and have everything in place for the interview.

  • Do the talking, introduce the company to the interviewee-

Once inside, interviewees tend to look for clues in understanding the work culture and general atmosphere around. A quick walk through your office before the interview not only offers them a brief glimpse into the soul of your company; it also helps them stay reassured during the meeting. Ensure that your current team is informed about having to exhibit the right demeanor and that they are showing the company and culture in the right light.

  • Explain the role with clarity along with all perks/benefits he or she will be entitled to-

In a hurry to close out the interview process never miss the details. Take that extra time to observe the interviewee as you go through more information about what the job demands, the process of recruitment, comprehensive benefits, and perks for all employees, etc. In short ensure to reveal all details earnestly up until the point where it will help the interviewee to make a decision.

  • Tests and screening-

Ensure that you test the candidate on aspects of innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction, business views, and stress handling capabilities. These are most important to handle a competitive business environment.

Assuming that during the testing stage of an interview process, the candidate is generally well-qualified for the role, you could ask the following questions to him or her-

  • What attracts you to this position and company?
  • What did you love most about your previous job?
  • Can you tell us about a tough working relationship with your boss or maybe a colleague, its challenges and how you handled the same?
  • What are your areas of improvement? How you handle something you have never done before?
  • Are there any accomplishments in your career you would like to tell us about?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

Do not add extra hoops for candidates to cross over for this only raises the perceived difficulty of job interviews as well as slows down the hiring process. Before you add on additional layers to interviews, be extremely sure that each new screen helps identify great candidates, and is not just about making the interview process hard.

Closure and conclusion-

It is essential that everyone is clear about the steps that follow post completion of the interview process. Extending a warm smile and shaking hands, asking if the candidate needs anything irrespective of being selected or not are thoughtful gestures. Being rude and hurtful to an unimpressive candidate will only reflect on the values of your organization. Remember that it is a small world, indeed.

Finding candidates who have the right skill-sets and overall personality will undoubtedly be a massive advantage to your organization and strengthen the team as well. Of course, everything begins with efficient recruitment initiated by a systematic interview process.

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