How to improve leadership qualities at work?

What happens after you land a job?How can a job seeker set himself apart in a highly competitive employment environment? What factors must one improve upon to grow at work? Will you disagree if we say that the one with leadership qualities becomes a forerunner on all the above accounts?

Who can be a leader in a work environment?

An effective leader is ahead of the pack, one who leads with passion. The individual who exhibits leadership qualities should drive the cause more significant interest than his or her own. He or she should be a visionary lending direction to efforts of all those in his team towards this common objective.

Leadership is a trait that can surpass and rise above all dynamics within the team which is the need of the hour. A leadership practice therefore demonstrates restraint, robust analytical skills above all its ability break shackles of convention at work. In the face of cut-throat competition, an effective leader is one who is continually evolving.

How can one work on the qualities of leadership?

Being self-aware helps – A leader who can understand his own strengths and weaknesses can quickly identify that in a team and average out negatives without glaring disparities. The leader must evaluate his decision from time to time – learn both ways and not function with overconfidence.

A sense of responsibility on any outcome- An entirely defensive attitude in a job does not help. He or she must be able to admit to mistakes in decision making and exhibit earnestness to learn about corrective action. Shared responsibility among all team members is also a quality that can lead the team to victory.

Humility– Arrogance will not work, leaders wielding power and crude authority have ceased to exist. Humility decreases friction within team members in a job environment and pushes all the right buttons for productivity. If it comes to it, leaders of today need to get down into action and muddy their hands along with the team.

Humor– What is not in a funny bone? Laughter can diffuse heat within the team in crisis. A spontaneous cackle of laughter can lighten a burden and perhaps even bring in new perspectives. Further more a leader should be able to use a wisecrack or two in a tense situation.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Steve jobs

Looking beyond the rule-book, quick thinking on the feet and looking for work-around techniques in an unfamiliar situation can make a leader indispensable.

To conclude-

There is simply no short-cut to growth in a job environment. It is important to learn and evolve one day after another in a job. Improving leadership qualities will open avenues of growth and development during employment. Finally efforts on leading a team at work are not limited to belting out orders and ensuring execution of the same; what measures up as effectiveness is his/her approach.

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