How to interview and recognize results-driven candidates


Hiring is not a cake-walk, it requires the employment of various human and financial resources. This is exactly why organizations in the corporate world look for candidates who are extremely result-driven. Hiring a result-driven candidate will help the organization in getting maximum returns in a very short period of time and isn’t that the goal? 

If you are a firm in the industry and are looking for “the one” candidate or someone with a specific and unique set of skills then you must be able to skim through the lot! You will have to find the needle in a haystack! However, trust us when we say, it’s going to be worth it! 

Obviously, it wouldn’t hurt to have a trick or two up your sleeve now, would it? 

We bring to you the top 7 tips to interview and recognize result-driven candidates! 

1. Do you have a plan? 

A well-formulated strategy will always come in handy when it comes to the process of hiring! A strategy or a plan will lay out the outline of the procedure and will help you recognize and identify any challenges that may come in the way! While formulating a strategy, one must also consider the optimal utilization of available resources. You may formulate an exemplary strategy but if you do not have enough resources, the main objective becomes redundant! So, first of all, do you have a plan? If not, begin there! 

2. Do you have a customized questionnaire? 

A well thought out list of questions and potential answers will help you recognize result-driven candidates for the job. You may need a candidate to be able to communicate effectively or to be able to manage a crisis with professionalism. Asking the candidates questions related to your requirements will help you short-list the candidates for the job! 

3. Have you prepared a checklist of the required skill set? 

Obviously, when you are looking for a result-driven candidate, you want a specific and unique set of skills! This skillset is the key to your organization’s growth! Therefore, it is necessary that you have a checklist of the required set of skills! This will help you in screening the set of potential employees and recognize the ones that are result-driven! 

4. Do you have a panel of KMPs to interview candidates? 

A panel of Key Managerial Personnel that have been working with your organization for a long time will help in hiring the right candidate for the job! These experienced seniors are aware of functioning as well as the internal control system of the organization! They will be able to recognize a result-driven candidate faster than a Human Resources Manager! 

5. Are you aware of the importance of body language?

This is not news that a lot of communication happens through body language! A candidate who walks in with confidence and a smile shakes the hand of the interviewer firmly and communicates well is obviously a strong candidate in the race! When you are looking to hire and recognize a result-driven candidate, it is strongly suggested that you observe the candidate’s body language! 

6. Have you screened the candidate thoroughly? 

A thorough screening or background check of the candidate will help you understand the story of the candidate! It is usually and most commonly believed that a corporate professional’s employment history is a mirror into their personality. However, there are exceptions. We’re not saying that the employment history is the sole factor of recognizing a result-driven candidate but it surely plays a major role! 

7. Why you? 

As an organization who has short-listed a candidate for a job role, you should be able to say why you are hiring that candidate and not the others! Similarly, if a candidate chooses to be a part of your organization, they must be able to say why you and not any other organization on the block? A strong and honest answer to this question will help you shortlist, recognize and hire a result-driven candidate. Ask them, “why us?” And consider their reason, their answer! 

So, there you have it! The top 7 tips to interview and recognize result-driven candidates! 

Remember, you may have come across various candidates who are really good at what they do or are extremely qualified but, nothing matters unless they have to offer the one thing you need! That could be anything!

People without any background of management or any leadership skill on paper have proven to be the best managers at billion-dollar companies! 

Go beyond pieces of paper! Go deep and go big! 

All the best!

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