How to prep for an interview within 24 hours

Having a peaceful day until your email is bombarded with a dreadful message titled “Immediate Interview call for tomorrow”. Haven’t we all gone through this or are going through this! It has always been your dream to work for an organization and now you don’t have enough time to prepare for its interview? Well, do not worry at all! We got you covered! 

We bring to you the top 9 ways to prepare for an interview in less than 24 hours! Keep reading! 

1. Get a good night’s sleep.

Getting a peaceful sleep at night is going to help you look fresh and confident for your interview. You want to look presentable and showcase an aura tear the recruiter would want to hire you just by looking at you. Yes, we do understand that you are going through a panic stage and it is hard to sleep, but try meditation. Put your mind at ease and get a good night’s sleep, 24 hours before your interview in order to be able to nail it!

2. Carry a copy of your resume.

Usually, just 24 hours before the interview, it is only normal To forget a lot of basic and necessary things. So, consider this as a reminder to carry a copy of your resume

3. Plan your breakfast

This may seem unnecessary and irrelevant at the moment however it is extremely important that you have a breakfast that is healthy light and filling. You may not know how long you’ll have to wait for your interview. You also don’t want to be too full to get through an interview without burps or bad breaths. So plan your breakfast accordingly the night before your interview. 

4. Go through the most commonly asked questions in interviews and ways to answer them.

You will find many days sources online that will direct you to words frequently asked questions by the interviewer to incorporate interviews. Going through these set of questions and preparing your answers accordingly will help you remain calm and confident during your interview the next day. It will also help you reduce your anxiety and will prove to be extremely helpful for your interview.

5. Prepare a cheat sheet

Every corporate interview is unique in nature. Do your homework about the company and make sure you write down a few pointers like a few details about the interviewer, a few points you would like to highlight while talking about yourself, any recent current affairs about the organization you would want to work for and your take on those affairs et cetera. This cheat sheet will help you be prepared for any unexpected questions that come your way.

6. Be prepared for the worst

Yes, you are planning and yes you are going to be amazing. However, it is only logical and practical to be prudent and be prepared for the worst that can happen. This way no matter what the outcome, you will not be disappointed. Tell yourself that whatever happens, happens for the best. Your ultimate goal is to take the interview and not to crack it.

7. Go through your resume and prepare a small speech highlighting your strengths 

In an interview you obviously want to highlight your strengths and showcase the best version of yourself. You want to be the candidate that stands out. Do not leave any information unspoken of. Show them your value by telling them what you bring to the table. 

8. Practice in front of the mirror

As bizarre as it sounds, you will benefit a lot from practicing in front of the mirror. It will show you any quirks or unknown gestures you may be doing . and consciously during your interview. It will highlight any flaws you may have and will help you build confidence overnight. It is also a popularly known technique search has proven it to be highly productive and effective. Therefore, go and stand in front of your mirror, ask yourself a question and watch yourself answer it!

9. Remember, you can!

Remind yourself of all your strength and all the crisis situations you have had to go through in your past and how you overcame them with grace. Tell yourself that this challenge is only in your head and you can overcome it with ease. Remember, you can!

So there you have it. The top nine tips to prepare for an interview within 24 hours! 

You are going to do amazingly in your interview and you are going to crack it. You are going to get your dream job and you are going to be happy. Have faith in yourself and keep going.

All the best! 


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