Know how to negotiate your salary

You must be paid what you deserve, simple as that! 

It is only natural that many of us are often hesitant or horrified at the very thought of asking for a paycheque we deserve. As a result of which, many of us end up being underpaid and further, unsatisfied at our job or workplace

In order to avoid all this chaos, the simplest thing to do is to try and negotiate a deal that derives the maximum benefits. 

Wondering how you can negotiate your salary? Do not worry! We have you covered! This article will specifically mention the top 7 tips for salary negotiation at your workplace! 

1. Market research 

Market Research is an extremely essential factor in the process of salary negotiation. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you will have to analyze the current market position of your job role and the average amount being paid for it. Various tools are even available online to research the same! A basic market research will help you set a range for your work! 

2. Deal but Don’t demand

Another important factor of effective and successful salary negotiation is the fact that you negotiate and not demand. If you have applied for a job with an organization you are obviously willing to work there. By demanding a certain amount, you are coming across as overconfident or arrogant. Two traits an organization is really not looking for in their potential employees. Be polite but firm. It’s okay to deal but demanding during a salary negotiation is a big NO! 

3. Salary negotiation is not limited to money

Here comes the fun part! It is okay if you are being offered a little less than your upper limit of salary expected range. The employers are usually willing to negotiate in terms of perks and benefits. An increase in transportation allowance or more holidays or flexible timings. Anything that makes your work easier can also be a very beneficial tool at the time of your salary negotiation.

4. What you bring to the table counts!

Here’s something you probably know – “You are unique” and here’s something you may not know- “Your uniqueness could be a negotiation tool at your job”. You, as a professional, bring to the table something unique and something no one else offers. It could be your oratory skills, your professional background, your contacts-literally anything! When you disclose your unique selling point, you are already dealing with an upper hand! Showing what you bring to the table, counts! Make it count! 

5. Predetermine a range 

Another important criteria for salary negotiation are that you predetermine a range of salary! A lower limit- below which you will not work no matter what and an upper limit beyond which you will not quote to the employer. This will train your mind to be able to negotiate efficiently and successfully! You will be more confident and you are more likely to derive a better deal out of the negotiation! 

6. Postpone the salary negotiation

Another way of getting a good deal is to postpone ‘the talk’. Yes, that’s right! Postpone it. Don’t worry, we have a justified reason behind this! Postponing the talk will buy you grace time to build up to a great deal! Wait, give it some time, show them that you are willing to work and then talk numbers! You don’t want to come across as desperate or needy. You want to come across as a professional who is asking for what they deserve and nothing more! 

7. Don’t be sorry! 

Well, obviously! You have nothing to be sorry about! You are good at what you do and are not there to work for free! Don’t apologize for talking numbers. Not only will it portray you as a weak candidate but it will also reduce your chances of getting the best deal out of the negotiation! Be straightforward, simple and confident! Quote a number and stick to it! However, don’t mistake it for being adamant. Again, it’s a negotiation, not a demand. 

There you have them! The top 7 tips for salary negotiation! 

You must also understand that although salary is an integral part of your career and life, it is not the only thing that matters! You must be satisfied with your job and you must choose to do something you love doing! 

So, ask for what you deserve, make it worth the while and keep going! 

We’re sure you’re going to nail it! 

All the best!

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