Pointers to Design an excellent Elevator Pitch

Pointers to Design an excellent Elevator Pitch

Big business empires have been built over a simple elevator pitch! A simple 30-second elevator pitch can literally make or break your entire game! If you are struggling to understand the basic idea of formulating an elevator speech and are worried about the outcome, do not worry at all. We have you covered. 

Elevator’s pitch was named so because of the idea of shaking hands on a deal by explaining your idea in a brief elevator ride. Brevity with quality is literally the soul of an elevator’s pitch. 

We bring to you the top 7 pointers to design the perfect elevator pitch! 

1. Plan, plan and then plan a little more 

The elevator pitch is your window of opportunity. To be able to open this window and achieve your desired result you will have to plan and plan until and unless the plan is perfect to the minutest of details. So, do your market study, collect the required data, formulate a plan, understand your target audience and then go to the next step. Remember, planning is the foremost important step in forming an elevator pitch.

2. Assumptions 

It will be of great help if you are able to assume that your audience, your co-rider in the elevator has zero ideas about your business, your profession or whatever it is that you are trying to advertise. This means that you will have to begin from scratch. Sticking to the basics and beginning from scratch will help you formulate an elevator speech that will help you sign the deal in the elevator itself. Whether a person knows or does not know about your business should not be a factor while formulating your elevator pitch! You should be able to explain with ease and enthusiasm the basics, the foundational concepts of your idea.

3. Understand the importance of passion

Yes, it is obvious that it takes a lot more than 30 seconds to 1 minute to be able to close the deal. However, it is not news that many such incidents have become chapters in history where all general factors nullify when it comes to passion.  It is already a good thing that you are trying to seal the deal in a brief time, which shows that you are passionate about it. You can use this to your advantage by exhibiting that you are not just trying to advertise for your personal benefits but because you have faith and belief in the idea yourself.

4. It is an art and you are the artist

Be not afraid of editing. Your elevator pitch is your way of showcasing your perspective towards a business idea. The blank paper that you hold in front of you, (virtual or physical), is your blank canvas. You are an artist and your elevator pitch is a work of art. God is in the details. So, edit until you are able to squeeze in all the important details within a brief period of time with grace and elegance.

5. Discuss 

Discuss your elevator pitch with a mentor or a confidant. The discussion will help you gain a third person’s perspective. It will help you analyze your data with a fresh mind, which is sometimes extremely necessary and beneficial to understand and look at the gaps in your work of art. So, call someone whose opinion you value and consider and discuss your pitch with them.

6. Try and test

The trial and error method is one more very important and effective way of finding flaws (if any), in your elevator pitch. All you have to do is simply walk up to your neighbours door and try telling them or for that matter selling to them your idea with your elevator pitch. A diverse audience will be more helpful in order to make your elevator pitch versatile and effective. 

7. Nail it! 

Confidence and belief in your idea while delivering your elevator pitch will help you nail it! You have to understand that your eyes your body language, your gestures speak for you more than your mouth does. Remember to smile, make eye contact and explain with efficiency, why your idea is there a way to go! You are going to nail it and they are going to love it! Have faith and keep going! 

Once you have formulated your elevated page, make sure you Fitted to a designed format so that it will be customizable to each specific group or individual. This will add a personal touch and will not make it come across as rehearsed! 

There you have it! The 9 pointers to design the perfect elevator pitch! 

Remember, keep it precise, God is in the details and editing will only make your art better! 

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All the best!


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