Popular mistakes to shun away while hiring

At the time of hiring, you as an employer would obviously want to choose the best candidate for the job. You obviously do not want a candidate who is qualified for the job on paper but is unable to perform the duties on the floor! 

Hiring the perfect candidate is a critical decision that will practically determine the growth and expansion of your organization. It is almost as critical as investing a huge share of your savings into the stock market. You have to have a strong foundation for your decision! 

It is also important to understand the intricacies of hiring and to avoid any mistakes while hiring! 

This is why we bring to you the popular mistakes to shun away while hiring and ways to avoid them.

1. Planning is not essential 

Many organizations do not understand the importance of planning. Planning the entire process of hiring can reduce the work and increase the efficiency of the process by a fair rate. It is, therefore, necessary that you plan the questions you will be asking the candidate and the basic requirements of your company in a candidate. Even a simple list on a tissue paper will do but you have to have some base to work on!

2. Going by the “gut” feeling

Many organizations have this bizarre idea that the right candidate can be hired by going with the “gut” feeling. No, it does not work that way. This is neither true nor practical. A thorough analysis of all the candidates, shortlisting them with the help of a panel of members or key managerial individuals and a logical as well as a well thought out interview is going to help you hire the right candidate. Going with the “gut” is just a myth and even if it turns out positive, it must have been a fluke. The process of hiring takes a lot more than just a feeling!

3. Vetting or screening is optional.

Vetting or screening is the process of going through the employment history, background and the profile of the candidate. Every candidate whose resume is received by your organization is a potential employee and it is only fair that you know everything about the candidate before you hire them. So, no! The process of screening  is not optional. It is extremely necessary and also beneficial for your organization.

4. Qualification is the most important.

Yes, qualification is extremely important but no, it is not the most important thing you look for in a candidate. It is not news that great entrepreneurs and business individuals have achieved sky heights without a college degree. We do understand that this is not the most common scenario and is, in fact, an exceptional one. However, it is also not beyond the purview of hiring! We suggest you make a list of all the skills you want your employee to possess and begin with checking off the items on that list instead of merely looking for qualifications. 

5. Talking more will help

Talking more in an interview doesn’t help. As an interviewer, you are required to be a good listener. Listening carefully to what the candidate has to offer or to say in the interview will help you analyze if you are looking at your future employee or just another candidate who wishes to be a part of your organization but wouldn’t fit as a missing part of the puzzle. 

6. Taking the candidate for their word

Another common mistake made by many organizations is that they take the candidates for their word if they have been confident enough while saying it. However, it is also essential to verify and analyze the truth fullness of what they have said. We do not suggest you doubt or look at each candidate with an investigator’s eye but there is nothing wrong with verifying the facts of the case. 

7. Speeding the process

Speeding up the process is another common mistake while hiring. It may only lead you towards a candidate who fits the profile on paper and not a candidate who genuinely deserves a seat at the table. Do not speed up the process or rush into things just because of a crisis in the organization. A little delay is only going to help you choose the right candidate. So make the right choice and do not speed up the process. 

There you have it! The most popular mistakes many organizations make at the time of hiring.

Just by avoiding these mistakes and taking the necessary precautions, you will be able to do wonders in your field because you will be hiring just the right candidate for the job! 

Happy hiring! 🙂


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