How to write a great resume in 10 steps

Your resume is your passport into the world of employment; it is that which interacts with a prospective employer considers in the very first stage. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the right steps are followed to come out with a great resume.

First things first. Remember that a shoddy unprofessional resume gets tossed aside.

Some strict do not on your resume-

1)     Bad alignment of the document, variable fonts and spacing and lengthy. As fundamental as it may seem, watch out from right here.

2)     Bad grammar or excessively sophisticated language- Both extremes make a resume look bad.

3)     Bluffing on skillsets, experience, etc. – These can be spotted sooner or later.

4)     Excessive personal information, photograph or references -Remember that these could be asked during a face to face interview or if the process progresses.

5)     Detailed academic performances – Poor marks or grades reflect poorly on a resume.

6)     Anything unnecessary such as reasons for having quit the previous employment etc.

Whether you are just starting, or in any other stage of the job-seeking process, a resume needs to appear entirely professional, sound honest and crisp. Remember that there are scores of resumes out there from competent job seekers who are looking for a juicy position just like you are.

Follow these tips to write a great resume-

1)     Research thoroughly to find relevant resumes for a job profile like yours. Locate keywords and include them in your description.

2)     Try a tailored approach to what the job position demands of you. List your most relevant skills first and follow it up with the additional capabilities.

3)     Remember to mention your achievements along with your relevant experience so that it catches the eye of the employer then and there.

4)     Include numbers wherever it can be applied- this indicates precision and your focus in your area of expertise.

5)     Focus on all your strong points- if it is academics highlight that or if it is experienced on a job stick to projecting that.

6)     Provide a summary of your skills and achievements somewhere at the beginning of your resume.

7)     Never beat around the bush or indicate anything that tends towards ambiguity. Your resume needs to be black and white, literally and figuratively.

8)     Give professional contact information such as LinkedIn profile links etc. Most importantly have an email id that reads business. This will also help you track applications if you are on a job-seeking spree.

9)     Never produce a lengthy profile -most employers go through scores of profiles before landing on yours and hence the attention span could be very limited.

10)  Take care of the aesthetics- legibility in terms of font, white space, and the language. Last but never the least, proofread over again and do not hesitate to approach a professional resume writing service if the situation demands it. Remember that you get one shot with an employer to get past this selection phase- ensure you hit the bull’s eye with your resume.

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