Things you should not do when you start a new job

If you are reading this article, you have already landed a job or about to land one, so, congratulations! You deserve all the appreciation for you have crossed all barriers and have beat your fellow competitors to land on this new opportunity.

When you step into a new organization you might be a little nervous wondering about the environment, culture and the people. Breaking the ice would be a challenge to some people while others start conversing very easily. Either way, keep reading! 

While it is natural for a newcomer to make a first impression, there are certain things one has to understand and follow, so that no efforts on creating impression backfires on the “new employee on the block”. 

Let us see the top 7 things that one should not do while starting a new job; 

1.Do not show up late

Being punctual matters, especially at your new job. Make sure that you are on time, at least for the first few weeks for people are constantly looking at you. Even your boss would have an eye on you to see whether your resume matches your attitude.

2.Do not dress unprofessionally

It is advisable to ask the interviewer (mostly the reporting manager) or the human resources executive, what constitutes the professional dressing according to the culture of the organization and the job profile.  You don’t want to catch everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons and look like the odd one out on your very first day itself! 

3.Never compare with your previous organization

No matter how bad your experience was in your previous organization, you should not compare, EVER!. You do not want to end up saying something like “We did that a smarter way at my old company. Should I tell you how?”. 

Also, you do not want to talk negatively about your previous manager or fellow workers to start a conversation. No one earns an impression by demeaning others especially those who had supported you once.

4.Do not join the gossip circles

Gossiping is a cardinal workplace no-no, but it’s an even more important rule for the boss not to break. Always bear in mind that, you are new to the people as well as the organization. While there will be people who would be gossiping around in the cafeteria or in the corridor, do not jump in and start showing your interest. Politely excuse yourself by a gentle smile and try to understand people and build a relationship. Build a trustworthy circle and the have fun!!

5. Do not skip induction sessions

Every organization has its vision and mission of accomplishing its ultimate goal. Every organization considers it important to impart their vision and philosophy among its employees to distinguish themselves in the market. Hence, every new employee goes through induction by the human resource team, detailing them about the organizational philosophy, rules, regulations which they have to abide by. Hence it is important to be completely attentive during the induction session and make sure you have got an answer to all the queries in your mind. 

6. Do not be afraid to ask questions

It is natural for any employee to be skeptical of asking a question. When you join a new organization, you may have doubts or questions while performing an assigned task. Instead of making a mistake that could cost the company time and money, ask questions about everything you need to know, from what your job responsibilities are to who can help you with the Internet or telephone. So, ask questions to your fellow co-workers and make sure you avoid making mistakes.

7.Do not ask for money or get personal with people

Though slowly you start making friends and a good relationship with your seniors in the organization, do not ask personal questions and avoid being judgemental. No matter how easily you start a conversation, NEVER EVER get personal or take your personal problems to work. This will not only ruin your goodwill in the organization but will also end up cornering you from the crowd. 

Well, these are very few important points that one person should bear in mind while starting a new job. 

Try to not be too overconfident as a newcomer. Listen to everything that is being told, continue listening to others to build up trust among your fellow workers as well as your seniors. 

Focus on making a significant contribution to the success of the organization in order to be able to reach higher in your professional career! 

Congratulations once again and all the very best!! 


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