Tips for dressing up for success in an interview

“Clothes maketh a man” goes an old saying and it cannot be more relevant today. Particularly when having to dress up for a face to face interview, having to select the right outfit plays an important role. Dressing up is that crucial final detail which ties up all efforts together during your interaction with a prospective employer.

Let us face this fact- as cliched as it may sound, but of course, what shines through is your capability, skills, and overall personality. You may still feel that your outfit may seem like a shallow concern compared to your experience and ideas; what you wear. Undoubtedly makes a difference in how interviewers will assess you as a prospective employee of an organization.

But the very first impression during a face to face interaction is greatly influenced by how you are dressed. Every detail of how your attire is noticed, absorbed, and remembered usually. It is hence imperative that you take some time off, understand the importance and work on being appropriately dressed for a face to face interview.

The following are some guidelines that are commonly accepted as appropriate as clothing to be worn for an interview-

Note- Different companies function with different dress codes and how you proceed to dress up later every day may not matter. Hence some amount of research will help before getting started on this. However, here are some basic do-not’s for an interview-

  • Avoid revealing clothing and anything that does not fit you well.
  • Check for stains, snags, pet hair, holes, or any other mark in your dress. Ensure it is clean, well-aired smells pleasant.
  • Are you leaving your decision for the last minute? It is the most significant no, plan, and lay out your outfit the previous night /evening.
  • Over the top dresser? Get subtle and choose soft colors.
  • Do not ignore the shoes and the bag you carry.

When you are considering how to dress for an interview, always stick to your best judgment and never overthink it. Pick and choose colors that make you feel comfortable and confident that you do not want to be continually thinking about how you look and feel about yourself during the interview. If you are in any doubt, stick to conservative. If you still are not sure it is not wrong to check with the person who scheduled your interview.

How do you dress, right?

Well assuming that you have carried out your primary research ( google up see their social media handles etc.) on the dress code in an organization you are going to be interviewing with, follow these tips-

  • Indian clothes mean smart kurtas which are not flashy, in basic colors without loud prints and an appropriate scarf or stole to go with it. Ensure you are color coordinated well.
  • Westerns and smart casuals can include, trousers, plead skirts that fall below the knee with smart shirts and possibly a blazer depending on the position being interviewed for.
  • Grooming is a must – avoid hair falling all over the face; it can also be distracting. Stick to subtle makeup and not every pungent-smelling perfumes/ deodorants.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum, do not wear jewelry that can be distracting.
  • Wear flats or heels – keep away from open-toed shoes.
  • Formal trousers, well fitted and paired with button-down full-sleeved shirts.
  • Wear a blazer if need be.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the socks, belt, and the bag carried ( if any).
  • Wear well shined formal shoes.
  • Sport a clean-shaven combed hair look.
  • Refrain from strong after-shaves, lotions, and colognes, etc.
Ensure the following further to ensure you are dressed well for a successful interview –

Both men and women must stay away from denim for jeans are never the right choice for an interview. Unless and until you are seeking entry into the fashion industry, drawing attention to your clothes is best avoided. The best interview outfits are those which a clean, well-fitting and appropriate for the company’s culture, after all you would want people to be talking about your experience and your ideas only. Smell good, sport a charming smile ( of course after brushing them well), carry breath mints with you.

Finally, the key to successfully cracking an interview depends on your overall personality, your gait along with what you wear. Do not forget to read these tips on body language.

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