Tips for returning to work after a sabbatical

There’s nothing wrong with taking a sabbatical! 

A sabbatical or a career break is a time off from your work for a long period of time. One may take a career break for various reasons. A career break could be because of a voluntary decision or it could have been involuntary in nature. Maternity leaves are also considered as sabbaticals.

When we say, that returning to work after the sabbatical is difficult and scary, we do not even begin to define the toll it can take on an individual.

Sabbaticals are usually hard to bounce back from because you are way behind the pace of the work. By the time you return, many things have changed and you are just wondering if you even fit in! They are also scary because there is a huge career gap highlighted on your resume.

However, you have got nothing to worry about anymore because you have us! We bring to you the top 7 tips to get back to work after a sabbatical! 

1. Be honest about the sabbatical

For whatever reason, you may have taken a career break, make sure you are completely honest about it. Explain the silver linings and the positive aspects of your sabbatical. “The work was too much” can be presented as “I had contributed towards the organisation and it was time to contribute towards my personal life”. If it was a maternity leave, then a lot of explanations are not in order. The trickiest part is if your sabbatical was involuntary in nature. You might want to say positive things about your previous workplace and say that there were some areas you needed to work on and you have done so and now you re-enter with a changed outlook! 

2. Stay confident

Actions speak louder than words? Nah! Confidence speaks louder than anything else. When you walk into an interview room after having taken a sabbatical, you walk in with confidence and you let them know that you are not sorry about any of the decisions you have made in life. Wear a smile on your face, let your eyes shine, be the best version of yourself. 

3. Edit your resume 

Another way of bouncing back effectively from a sabbatical is to edit your resume. You may have observed that many line items on your resume or either obsolete or irrelevant. There may be new achievements, certifications or strains you may want to highlight. If that is the case, we say do it. Edit your resume.

4. Practice, practice and practice some more

Yes, you were a great professional and you did really well in your interview at your previous job. You may have also cracked the interview without any practice however, you have to understand that this is a different phase of your professional career. You are not a fresher anymore. You are an experienced professional with a career break on the resume and yes, it is absolutely fine, but it is new! So, practice your interviews, practice your walks, practice everything! Practice will get you closer to perfection! 

5. Try rebuilding your network

Another important tip of returning to work after a sabbatical is to try and rebuild your network. That guy from your tech department who has great contacts and fortunately owes you one as well? Ring him up! Rebuilding your network will help you score the best job on the market! 

6. Considering a wardrobe change? Do it

As basic as it sounds, if you are considering a makeover or a wardrobe change, we strongly suggest you act on it! The primary aim of Changing your wardrobe is not to do something about your physical appearance, it is to help your mind see you as a different person. It is to train your mind in a positive direction. It is to help with your levels of confidence and it to help you become a better version of yourself! Studies have proven that people who change their wardrobe after anything significant in their lives are happier and more confident! 

7. Know that you have it in you! 

You obviously know that you can do it but remind yourself of that. As silly as it sounds, stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it and that you still got it! What are you waiting for? 

So, there you go! Now, we do understand that it is still scary but take it one step at a time. You did what you had to and you did it to grow as a person and a professional! 

Keep going. Have faith. Nail it! 

All the best!


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