Tips that can help a fresher land a job easily

Graduating can both be an exciting and tense phase for students today. The excitement in anticipation of what the future beholds and anxious for the career decisions to be made. A fresher is in constant need of tips and guidance for the steps that lie ahead to first land a job.  

In today’s volatile job market, freshers having to land a job out of choice is a rarity. Since most job demands revolve around experience and expertise that comes with it, entry for a fresher remains to be a challenge. However, this is not an impossible feat, and a fresher can prepare to get a job without prior professional experience.

 1. Do not hurry; collect your thoughts first.

 Unwind from the study schedule, take a break, socialize, and interact with learning about what is on-going in the employment environment. Make up your mind entirely about the next steps, if it is pursuing studies further or beginning job hunting.

2. Do a complete SWOT analysis.

 Focus on abilities that you have discovered in yourself over the academic years. Make an honest attempt to learn your strengths and weaknesses across all areas of expertise. It could be anything such as communication skills, verbally or through writing, or leadership skills. These could be highlighted resume to work in a professional environment, as an individual or as a team member.

3. Identify a mentor.

Guidance and tips are a necessity for freshers regardless of what they intend to do further. This is particularly useful in terms of those who are out to begin a career and intend to make the right move first. Always stay tuned in for their feedback and indulge self-scrutiny in an unbiased manner. A mentor will make himself or herself available at all time for strength and support in a career path.

4.  Register on online job portals.

Multiple professional career builders can help build resumes and portals that facilitate easy registration for job seekers. Choose and make your digital presence strong first. There are various options available on the job boards that enable search/filter job options as per an individual’s preferences. These portals also allow one to interact with specific professionals, recruiters and follow brands and businesses online.

5. Keep contacts and learn to network.

Stay active on your social media handles and follow relevant updates that keep you posted on all that is happening in the business environment. There are professional networking sites meant purely for careers, but others come with enough relevant groups that help you network as well. Reach out, ask questions that will serve as guiding factors in a job you intend to pursue.

6. Sketch a road map for yourself.

Do your groundwork, remember you are just starting. Work on a plan that will help you focus on your long-term goals and ambition. Always have a plan B as well. List out the jobs, employers you would like to follow and follow their activities online. Today with technology in the fingertips of jobseekers, information can spread like wildfire. Speed up your act and consistently align your actions with your ambition.

7. Work on your all-round approach.

Remember the attention span of a recruiter is hugely less and that of a fresher profile usually gets lesser attention. Work on producing an attractive resume. Work on every possible job-ready attribute that you can showcase to an interview. Learn the knacks of salary negotiation and do not be rigid on numbers when are you starting.  

8. Stay prepared and confident.

Work on your confidence levels, foresee the kind of questions that a prospective employer might ask. Rehearse, brush up on your academics and approach interviews. Keep in mind that experience does not feature in your resume yet, and therefore, all other factors need to add up necessarily.

A final word- Remember that you are just starting out and therefore, the right attitude is most necessary. Assess and seek guidance on every opportunity that comes by and does not take them for granted or brush them away even if they do not appeal to you. An optimistic attitude must be constant.


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