Tips to create great job descriptions

A great job description is the best way to attract potential candidates for the job! Effective job descriptions will attract the right people and help you choose from the cream layer! 

For a great, effective, efficient and attractive job description, you do not need a professional or expert! All you need is some time to read this article! 

 We bring to you the topmost 9 tips to create the perfect job description! 

1. Keep it simple

Fancy and tricky job titles are not just misleading but confusing as well. A simple brief title will help you come across as a systematic and professional organization inclined towards growth and expansion. Simplicity will attract the right candidates as it will show a hassle-free job title!

2. Speak directly

Your job description must be specific to the candidate reading the content. Speak directly with sentences like, “you will be required to do this”, “your job will need that”, etc. Speaking directly will ensure the trust of the candidate in your organization! It will help you hire the right candidate and will help you further expand in the field! 

3. Be sure to define the job role

It is of extreme importance that you define the job role clearly and specifically. Be sure to mention all the important details of the job role and make sure you do not leave anything out. Even the minutest and tiniest work required by the job must be mentioned. From the most technology-friendly works to the mediocre works like bringing coffee must be mentioned! Define your job role! Tell them what you expect from them! Let them decide if they fit the job! 

4. Tell them why they should work for your company

Sell your company. Yes, the candidate reading your job description is in need of a job and yes you may have an edge but be sure to mention why your company deserves to be chosen more than any other company in your field or sector.

5. Pay-package 

Do you want the right candidate for the job? Mention your pay package. Yes, the job is exciting and yes your company may have an incredible work environment but ultimate goal of any corporate job is the pay package. It is not the only important thing but it is on the top 5 list! So, make sure you mention the range of the pay you are willing to offer. Also, if you wish to make the salary negotiable, mention it in your job description! 

6. Stay positive

Do not portray negativity in your resume. All your sentences, phrases, the entire content in general must portray a positive side to your job role. Instead of saying, “we won’t be able to provide something” you can choose to say “you will be required to manage with or without the particular facility”. This depicts a positive approach and will attract the right candidate for the job.

7. Stay systematic

Your job description must be extremely systematic and organized. It exhibits a sense of professionalism and organizational capacity of your company. It also shows that extra effort has been taken to craft just the right job description. Staying systematic will help the candidate understand the job role better and will help with acquiring better applications for the job! 

8. Maintain full disclosure 

It is very important that you maintain full disclosure of the job requirement. Do not hide anything. Put it all out there on the table. You do not want a candidate whose decision depends on the information you may have chosen to keep privileged. You also do not want to lose a candidate who may otherwise have been just right for the job just because of the undisclosed information. So to put it in simple terms, show them what you have to offer and choose from the ones who come because or in spite of all that information. 

9. Stay neutral

Maintaining neutrality will help you avoid coming across as an organization that discriminates at the workplace. Do not (and we insist on this) portray or include any information in the job description that will exhibit discrimination of any sort or any basis (ex: gender discrimination, cultural discrimination, age discrimination or any discrimination of any sort!). Stay neutral! 

There you have it! The topmost 7 ways to craft the perfect job description!

With these tips, you will have your dream candidate in their cabin or on their desk in your organization in no time! 

All the best. 


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