Tips to improve the hiring process

The time given for hiring is worth the time is given to it. 

The process of hiring can be dreadful and scary. In the corporate world, the competition is tough. Every organization is striving for sustainability and sustainability comes from being the fittest! The 101 of surviving in the corporate world is to hire the right employees. 

One other thing to understand is that the hiring process is not just about getting the right candidate, it also gives you a chance to utilize the opportunity of analyzing the market and will also provide you with a scope to improve the functioning of the internal control system of your organization! 

Here are a few tips and tricks to improve the hiring process of your organization. 

1. Quality takes time! 

Quality is not just important for sustainability or growth but is also important for building a brand. A strong brand image is likely to invite more efficient and qualified candidates for the job.

You have to understand that if you are looking to hire quality candidates, it is not going to happen overnight. Give it the time that it needs and do not rush the process. Scan through all the resumes on the desk, give each candidate the benefit of the doubt and make sure your decision is a well thought out one and not a decision you may regret.

2. A fine Job Description 

Hire a content writer if need be or get someone professional to formulate the job description but remember, in order to attract quality and professional candidates of the corporate world you will have to have an effective job description.

An effective job description would clearly state the duties and responsibilities the candidate will be expected to take up, the skill set required for the job and any other requirements if necessary. While designing the perfect job description, you may also want to speak a little about the work culture and the office environment of your organization. This will exhibit a sense of invitation. 

It is also necessary that you design the job description in direct speech. It shows a sense of personal touch and has proven results! 

3. A predetermined questionnaire

To make the hiring process better, a predetermined set of questions is extremely important for two reasons. Primarily this predetermined set of questionnaires will help you assess all the candidates on common ground in an unbiased manner and secondly, It will install a system and an organized fashion of work in your organization which will further save time and valuable human resources.

The questionnaire may contain any questions that will help you in the assessment of each and every candidate’s potential for the job.

4. A panel of KMPs

A single interviewer, no matter how unbiased will still not yield a reliable review or selection of the candidates when compared with the judgment of a panel of key managerial personnel in your organization. A panel of KMPs of your organization will have a better understanding of the functioning of the company as well as the requirements of the job. It will be therefore expected that their decision can be relied on with negligible or no doubt whatsoever. 

5. Value the reviews 

Collecting feedback or asking for reviews from all the candidates who have come in for the job will help you gather valuable data for research. A qualified candidate may not have been selected by your panel of key managerial personnel because of a necessary trait that was missing. However, their feedback on the interview process or the hiring process of your organization will be extremely valuable and is your ladder towards growth.

6. Screening is vital

An effective hiring process requires the pre-screening and post-screening of all the candidates who have applied for the job. Screening helps you gather pertinent information about the candidate without having to spend valuable interview time questioning the candidate about the basics. Screening is especially very helpful in large volume recruitments where it is practically impossible or unnecessary to spend a lot of time on each candidate! So, remember that screening is an important factor to improve the hiring process. 

7. Ask and invite questions 

Another way to improve your hiring process is to not merely ask questions but also to invite the candidate to present you with any queries they may have! This will help you in understanding the candidate better and will also help you in analyzing the understanding levels and the perception of the candidate! 

So, there you have it! The top 7 tips to make your hiring process efficient and better. 

What are you waiting for? Get started! 

Happy hiring! 


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