9 tips to write a great cover letter.

9 tips to write a great cover letter

Your cover letter is the first thing that will introduce you to the reader. 

 A good cover letter can practically score the job for you! Therefore, you have got to make sure your cover letter is the best thing about your resume. 

If you are wondering how to write an excellent resume cover letter then we bring to you the 9  most effective tips to write a great cover letter. 

1. Brevity is the soul of a good cover letter

As a corporate organization,  numerous applications are poured in from job seekers every day. If you wish to make your resume stand out,  then you have to make sure that you highlight your edge and showcase what you bring to the table. However, it is also essential that you stay brief and precise while writing your cover letter.  The organization will go through your resume if they like your cover letter. Stay concise and to the point. No one wants to read about your favorite movie in your cover letter. Let’s keep that for the interview. 

2. Add to your resume

One common mistake made by many is that a lot of points that are already present in the resume are repeated in the cover letter.  Remember to provide additional information in your cover letter instead of just copy-pasting what is already present in your resume. 

3. Start strong

Like we said before,  recruiters go through numerous applications on a daily basis and therefore you require your resume to stand out.  An effective way of doing that is by making a strong positive beginning to your cover letter. Keep it professional and to the point. Introduce yourself and highlight your skill or a professional edge in the very beginning. 

4. Keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the most effective tried and tested methods of drafting a cover letter. A simple language used to prepare a simple cover letter exhibits a sense of professionalism and humility. You do not want to boast your vocabulary too much.  Also, boasting of too much about your education or career may give the impression that you are overqualified for the job. Therefore, while drafting a resume cover letter, remember to stick to the basics and keep it simple.

5. Strike a balance between casual and professional

Yes,  you need to be professional, but also, there is such a thing as too professional.  You do not want to sound robotic for two practical on your resume cover letter. Therefore,  strike a balance between keeping it casual as well as professional. If you get this part right,  you may have already sold yourself to the recruiter.

 6. A positive approach

A positive and affirmative attitude on your resume cover letter is going to form the impression that you are genuinely and genuinely interested in the job. It will also exhibit the qualities of a true leader and a thorough corporate professional. These are qualities that every organization in the corporate world today is looking for in a candidate. 

7. Keywords

Your cover letter needs to be specific to the organization that you are applying for.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use language that Mirrors the language used in the advertisement of the organization for the job profile.  This is because many organizations these days use AI-driven software two scans through the resumes of potential candidates. Usage of keywords may increase your chances of scoring the job.

8. Keep it specific

 Addressing the cover letter to a specific individual in the organization instead of keeping it general will enhance your chances of scoring an interview. A “Whomsoever it may concern” approach may impact negatively on your probability of getting the job. If you are unaware of the receiver of the resume cover letter, then you may address it to a specific designation. However, try avoiding general addressing!


It is of extreme importance that you proofread your resume cover letter thoroughly before sending it through.  It is only natural to make errors. However, any error in your resume cover letter will exhibit a sense of responsibility and will impact negatively on your profile. It may also exhibit a lack of interest and a sense of entitlement. You do not want to come across as that person! Therefore, go through your cover letter twice or thrice and if possible, get a friend to proofread it for you. 

There you have it, 9 Tips to write a great resume cover letter!


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