Top 10 Questions to ask in a job interview that will impress the interviewer

Job interviews can be dreadful, but what is more terrible is the standard and classic question asked by the interviewer at the end of the job interview – “Would you like to ask me something?” Which is why we bring to you “top 10 interview questions that will impress the interviewer”. 

  • What will be expected from me if I am chosen for this role? 

The question above will help impress the interviewer because it shows your interest in the job and exhibits a sense of responsibility and seriousness towards your role in the company! Proper grammar and various vocabulary words to impress the interviewer will help set a positive impression. 

  • What do you like about working for this organization?

Asking the interviewer his likes or dislikes about the organization will exhibit your need for understanding the organization. It will give you an honest testimonial from a working employee and will enhance your knowledge of the company’s internal system. 

  • What are the challenges that I am likely to face in this role? 

This question will prove that you are well-prepared for any challenges that may come your way and are, in fact, excited about the adventures of this role. This exhibits the traits of fearlessness and confidence. Understanding the potential challenges that may come your way will also help you in being prepared for the same!

  • What will a typical day at work look like for me? 

Asking about your typical day at work is an interview question that indicates to the interviewer that you are keen on understanding your role in the company and will let the interviewer know that you are keen on taking up the position as well as the responsibilities and the challenges that come along with it. 

  • Who will I be reporting to? 

Understanding your direct supervisor as well as colleagues can help you get a fair idea of your working environment and the internal control system of the organization. It will also help the interviewer understand your concerns and can facilitate the process of decision making. 

  • How will I be trained? 

Training is an integral part of the process of hiring and working at an organization. Asking about the techniques of training as well the length of time for which you will be trained will help make a positive impression on the interviewer. It will also put you in the interviewer’s good books because it shows your readiness for the role! 

  • Where do you see the company in 5 years? 

This will help you understand where the company is headed to and will help you make decisions about your long term goals in the company. A company’s progress directly impacts the development of the individual, and therefore, a fair idea about the company’s long term goals will help you in many ways. It will also make a positive impression on the interviewer by portraying your organizational and systematic skills. 

  • What is a common trait that is a must-have in all the employees of this organization? 

There are companies with a check-list of the must-have traits in all its employees. A home nursing would be looking for qualities such as “compassion” whereas a company like Facebook may be looking for attributes such as “relentlessness,” “hard work,” and “passion.” Understanding the needs of the company will help you know the probability of you getting in and this interview question will help the interviewer understand your inclination towards the job and its role!

  • What are the areas of measurement of success in this role?

Every organization is looking to employ a candidate who understands his/her role and responsibility. Various areas or metrics of measurement are considered while analyzing the success graph of the candidate. Asking about these metrics will help you understand the areas of concentration and will be one among different interview questions to ask the employer. 

  • Any huge challenge to be tackled  I will be working for in the past year? 

One of the essential job interview tips is to understand the challenges you might face while performing your job! Asking the interviewer about the significant challenges faced in the past year will enhance your data for the process of analyzing your role and will be a killer interview question to ask the employer because who would’ve seen this coming?

So, there you have it! Various interview questions you can ask to impress your interviewer. Stay confident, calm, and have fun in your interview. Go with the flow and believe in the fact that all the challenges that come your way are only going to make you stronger.  Happy interviewing!


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