Top 10 recruitment trends to implement in 2019

To all the recruiters out there, keep it simple but ensure that it is effective. Every industry these days has embraced change and is continually evolving into something much bigger and better. Various sectors are merging with the field of technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The recruitment industry is no different. With the unimaginable developments in technology, recruitment trends have also caught up with the change.

This is why we bring you the Top 10 recruitment trends to implement in 2019.

  • Diversity

With progress and evolution comes adaptation to various environments which in the past traditionalistic times were frowned upon. Diversity is currently a global recruiting trend. With the creation of awareness, women empowerment and overcoming of racial barriers, the recruitment world has adopted the trend of diversity. Employees with various preferences, tastes, cultures, and genders are taken into the organization to maintain an excellent corporate image in the market and to promote cultural integration. 

  • Technology

Technology has made things much easier. With the introduction of technology in recruitment, analyzation of data has become more comfortable and faster, and the results are more reliable due to their unbiased nature. Usage of technology is a creative recruitment strategy that helps the employment of valuable human resources in other productive areas!

  • Paper-less resumes

With the introduction of cloud-saving and internet-usage, resumes have now boiled down to electronic files. These are easier to maintain and can be stored for an extended period without having to waste physical space for storage! Digital resumes are a global recruiting trend and a very effective one at that. 

  • Collaborated hiring

Initially, the recruitment process was formed in a manner where a single individual like the manager had the ultimate power of hiring an individual. The biggest drawback of this format was the concentrated power in the hands of a lone individual. However, Collaborated hiring is a current trend in recruitment where the power is diluted among the heads of various departments who make a collective decision!

  • Data via AI

Analysation and collection of data have become much more comfortable with the help of artificial intelligence. AI not just detects spammed data but also automatically evolves with the addition of new data!

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are personalized and customized by every company to provide immediate responses to someone who is trying to connect with the company. The main aim of a chatbot is to obtain relevant information and to keep a potential candidate engaged even in the absence of a human resource to take care of it. 

  • Video interviews

Video interviews have set new trends in the process of talent acquisition! If a skilled unemployed individual is unavailable for a physical meeting, they may get hired with the mere convenience of the internet! 

  • Experienced candidate

This is not a new trend but it is one that is sustainable and has many benefits. An experienced candidate not only saves the companies resources but also helps in expansion, faster growth and higher turnover, all within a short period. Experienced candidates are also preferred because they are assumed to have on-floor experience of dealing with various corporate challenges and are therefore assumed to be a better fit for the job!

  • Inbound Recruiting

The process of creating specific and targeted content to keep in line with recruitment trends is termed as inbound recruiting. It helps in increasing the employer’s brand recognition and is, therefore, an effective strategy of recruitment. It is not just a current recruitment trend. It’s has enormous potential to sustain and become a future recruitment trend as well. 

  • Talent pools

There may be potential candidates who haven’t been absorbed in the company but are ready and interested to work with the organization. Maintaining a record of such potential candidates to revert to them or engage them in case of a vacancy is an effective and creative recruitment strategy. It doesn’t just help with creating a back-up, but also saves the flow of work being disrupted due to an unexpected gap in the process. 

So if you are a recruiter and are looking to revolutionize your process of recruitment, remember that engagements and maintenance of the employee base in the organization will help improve your position in the industry which will ultimately result in a perpetual growth of business!

With the expansion and the aforementioned global recruitment trends, you, as a company will be unbeatable. 

Keep going; keep growing! Happy recruiting! 🙂 


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