Nine ways to work smart and be productive at work

The most common excuse for not being able to complete tasks on time is the lack of it. For most of us time on hand is never enough, and we cannot handle multiple things at the same time. We are long past the phase wherein completing a single task without issues was considered productive. It is imperative that one pulls up socks, understands how to work smart while being able to handle multiple tasks.

First things first. Pull yourself out of a spiral that there is never enough time.

Do a little introspection and understand how your hours on hand can be used to accomplish more at work. So how do you make the change first? Here are nine smart ways that you can use, to begin with:

1.Work on you how you manage time.

Make a list of priority tasks for the day and ensure that you sit down in the first half of the day when your mind is fresh, and there are fewer distractions. Consciously eliminate anything that will divert your attention and do not move until the task is complete. Do not slack upon completion; move on until you tick off all the tasks on your list. This is a sure shot trick to work smart and effectively so.

2. Learn to type fast.

If it means you need to make an extra effort to speed up your typing skills, get down, and do it. Master the art of typing and do away with searching the keyboard to type with just two fingers. It will take time, but it is a sure-shot way to save time and thereby using the time saved to be more productive. Exploring shortcuts keys is another time saver and can speed up typing.

3. Use your computer and the net wisely.

Well, this is one habit a lot of us can kick away, consciously close tabs post browsing and do not leave them up. Pop-ups that show up can be very distracting, and at some point, you will be tempted to open up and look at them. Use features such as reminders, and quick note features that appear on your desktop to continually remind you of what is pending. Do whatever works for you to work smart and in an effective manner.

4. Learn to deal with failures and delays.

Never get bogged down by failure for it does not always reflect on your mistakes. There are a lot of factors that are out of your control and anticipating such contingencies and working on alternate plans makes you smart.

5. Work to the point.

When there is a lot of pressure and expectations, stick to working to meet the exact level of expectations. Control the desire to under commit and over-deliver, for the chances of ruining the entire project are high. Plan your strategy, systematically break down the tasks completing it one by one and the final touches/changes/ reviews needed.

6. Take advantage of your smartphone.

If necessary, use a separate phone for work, use the phone wisely to plan your day ahead. You can set up a reminder for tasks, do your review and follow up calls, etc. If something needs to get done on priority, pick up the phone brief the person involved first and then follow it up with a quick email. This saves a lot of time, especially for significant or urgent discussions. In the case of meetings and email chains, try to a brief introduction of resources, state the name, skill sets and extent of involvement that would be necessary.

7. Ask questions whenever needed.

If you fail to understand anything at all, never hesitate to ask. To be productive clarity is always a must. Likewise, to avoid making mistakes, ensure that you obtain feedback from time to time. When this is gets done, information is gathered to help decision making. You can now save time and cut meetings to a minimum.

8. Learn as much as possible.

Assess your skills constantly profile and determine then and there when there is a necessity to fill a gap. Talk to relevant connections and network in your niche. Keep abreast of trends and ensure you improve your skill sets in line with changes. Sooner or later when an opportunity, you will be the best person on the floor to seize and work on an opportunity. Smart and practical is it not?

9. Look after yourself, above everything.

Ensure that you have a sorted mind and body. Take small breaks after every task is completed, if you feel frustrated step out for a breath of fresh air. Do not get carried away by the aspect of continually working smart and thereby striving to accomplish more if you feel you cannot, for the time being, switch off.

To conclude it is essential to understand that the key to higher productivity is to work smarter, not harder. Remember this rule- working smarter saves precious time and energy for the things that matter to you— your life goals, personal growth, health, and finally, your relationships.


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